Husband held all immigration papers

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Subject: Husband held all immigration papers
  Hello there,

I came to Canada few months ago after getting married to a Canadian citizen. Things are not working out between me and my husband. I´ve been working in his shop about 70 hours per week; he refuses to pay me, he doesn´t allow me to get a cell or a driver license, and he took and hid all my immigration papers, health, social security, and landed immigrant cards.

My question is can I leave him and apply for replacements for all those cards. He keeps telling me that he can call the immigration and have me deported whenever he wants, is that true?

I appreciate any help you can give me...

thank you in advance,


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Are you a Permanent Resident?

The short answer is no, he cannot get you deported and that kind of behaviour is considered abuse, you should report him to the proper authorities.

You may request a replacement of all your documents.



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there are women´s shelters out there to protect you. do not warn him you are leaving- just go.

In this country, women do not need to be treated in this way. Please be safe.

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batw - depending on where you live - if there is no women´s shelter or community social service agencies where you live, go to your local elected representative, either Member of Parliament or MPP or MLA.
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