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Subject: for a change, I have a question(s)
if someone comes to vist with less than 6 months left on their passport, a return ticket home that is well within the valid life of the passport - will they get a hassle?

question #2 - can a visitor renew an expiring passport from within Canada? If yes... how would the do it.

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A #1: the Imm Officers have their discretion and they can always abuse their power. By law and common sense, this should never cause a problem. So the logic A is that the person may or may not face hassle, like anyone else who comes to POE in Canada.

A #2: yes, through contact of their own embassy or High Commission in Ottawa.

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A#1 (Based on a friend experience) Usually the Canadian consular officers will prefer and request a passport with a minimum of 6 months validity in order to issue the visa. If he/she is coming from a visa free country at the Canadian POE CBSA will put restrictions on how long this person can remain in Canada. If the Passport is going to expire in 5 months usually is not a big deal, if it is going to expire in 3 months, they may not like it.

A#2 You would have to find out where his/her embassy is located, usually embassies have a main embassy in an X province. Double check with them to make sure that they provide a passport service to its citizens. A frind of mine from an "X" African country couldn´t get a Passport replacement due to some weird foreing policies from his country and he end up with a temporary travel docuement to return to his home country. He had a bunch of problems that are not even worth to talk about in this threat.



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In addition to embassies, consulates mostly can also provide passport renewal services. The waiting time can be lengthy, possibly weeks or months, unless an emergency. That´s why the general assumption is that foreign passport renewals are for resident expats with local permanent addresses, rather than for visitors.

For this reason, visitors should not be travelling on passports close to expiration in the event of an unexpected extended stay.

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he has a multi-entry visa that expires with the passport at the end of March and he is wanting to make one last trip on this passport. Only other option is to renew the passport early and reapply for a new multi enter visa.

I can see that border officials would want proof of return ticket in advance of passport expiry.


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