Collecting Disability Durring Sponsorship Question

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Subject: Collecting Disability Durring Sponsorship Question

I have already been approved for sponsorship, and waiting now for the processing. I´m a Canadian, and I live in BC. I collect Disability payments from the Provincial Government.

As a single person I collect a set level monthly payment rate. However, when I become married I must inform the Ministry (Who handles the payments) to let them know I am now married, and I have to add my spouse to my file and my classification changes to ´married´, and my monthly payment rate will go up because there is 2 of us now. So...

The question is, does this count as collecting social assistance benefits AGAINST my spouse? As if she was collecting welfare or some form of social assistance benefits? (Which of course she can´t do during the sponsorship term)

I can´t see this being the case, since she is not the one actually collecting the benefit, I am. But they are giving extra money to me for having a wife.

Is this ok during sponsorship?
Or would I have to pay it back?

I guess my situation is a bit different from the average user here, but any help would be really appreciated. This seems to be a gray area yet might have an easy answer.

Thank you very much!

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Hmm.. anyone have at least a guess about this?
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Interesting. I didn´t know the BC government is that generous. But if you do get more because you got one more mouth to feed, does that mean your benefit will be clawed back if your spouse work? And no, disability assistance will not impact your sponsorship application.
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I would be totally transparent with Disability. tell them you are married but ALSO tell them your spouse is being sponsored and not living with you. That way, if they still give you the money you have fully disclosed and they won´t ask for it back! If they say, advise us when she arrives - then you have your answer as well.

sometimes we just have to think a little outside the box - and assume governments can do the same. I have found it works more often than not!

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In BC, if you get disability, then you are allowed a set amount of money each month. On top of that, you are allowed to work if you can, and make a set amount. If you go over that amount, then you must report it, and a certain percentage will be reduced from the disability check, regardless of who works in the marriage.

Also, I can´t collect any extra money or anything until I actually live with my spouse, so even though I´ve been married half a year, my wife is still not in Canada. So of course I can´t collect the extra portion yet, which makes sense.

Anyway, just adding what I know to this thread which you guys may have wondered about. Thanks for the replies.

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