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Subject: acupuncture
I´m trying to get some information about acupuncture in Canada. I am a UK acupuncturist looking to enquire about job prospects in Alberta. Info seems to be a bit thin on the ground. Any help would be appreciated.
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You may have already been to this site, but this is probably your best bet to start with:

While the information it provides is very general, it does provide you with contact information where you can direct more specific questions and request information.

Good luck to you.

ACUPUNCTURE: Any place to practice full-time with patients? (in reply to: acupuncture)
What I need is more experience with patients because they are my true masters.

This is what I have found, a School in India with the opportunity of treating many patients in short time.

And I´ve heard a lot from that teacher, his book is amazing.

Anyone knows someplace else?


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