seniors roy/sharon need your advice again please.

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Subject: seniors roy/sharon need your advice again please.

I am extremely thankful to all for advising me every time I needed help; now I again am in a bit of confusion and you expert opinion will certainly help. I had inquired whether a obesity surgery which I required might spoil my immigration chances earlier, but with all the advice I got , I went ahead , the surgery and my recovery by gods grace is excellent and am living a better life ... thanks to all ...

Just to refresh you memory, I applied for PR under the FSW scheme with an AEO, which my employer arranged in Feb 2009 at London UK office and am currently in Dubai UAE.

I received the good news about medical request along with the supporting documents and RPRF payment request through my lawyer and send all that was requested along with medicals 2 weeks back along with the fees. All was ok in the medicals etc.

actually everything is smooth till now, however I am tracking a few cases and am visiting most of the discussion forums on Canadian immigration to keep myself updated and make the wait easier, I have noticed that most of the people, in their document request, specially those with AEO, are requested for, updated PCC, foreign travel document, proof of funds etc.

however in my case extensive documents on my own description of my current job, explanation of my qualifications and trade specific skills and complete details of my work history, and explanation of how I will be able to perform the job being offered, were asked even when I had sent the exp. letter along with the complete application.

Another thing they also asked for various documents from my employer like vendor permit, tax documents, trading accounts, renewed job offer letter etc.

However I and my employer were able to provide all the documents requested, my concern is do they normally ask for all these documents even when there is an AEO with positive opinion approved by DRDSC , or is it just in my case .... Is all this asking good or a bad indication ...... just getting extremely curious and tensed....

The documents like updated PCC and foreign travel documents were not requested at all..... Does it seem good or bad.....?

Please throw some light and help me resolve my curiosity.....

Thanks a million in advance.....


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