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Subject: Citizonship Application
  Hello Everyone,

I have applied for citizonship for five months past, till now I have not recieved any letter or acknowlegment but I don;t know whether my application has been recieved or not or if it is compelete or not?.

I have tried to call on toll free number but the number is not available temporary.

Howwver, Is not having any reply from CIC for five month of application time is normal?.

How can I reach them to know if my application was recieved or not?.

Thank you. Your reply and recommendation is highly appreciated.

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Usually such delay is not normal; however, sometimes they go for strike, I don´t know the most recent news. That was the situation in my case. I didn´t hear anything for like 6 months.

Didn´t you send my courier registered mail?

Only way is to call the toll free number, just be patient.

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no strike but there could be delays because of holiday season. they should still be answering the phone.
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the phone is out of servoce temporary. There is no way to contact them by phone. Any recoomendation.

But when should I expect acknowledgment letter

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