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Subject: Dependent Child Over 22 Years of Age

The day our sponsorship application was received by CPC-M my daughter turned 22. At that time she was enrolled in undergraduate program which was just finishing. Two months later she completed the program. Our application was transferred to local office and they asked for updates till the date of application but I sent them To-Date information and I mentioned that she has just completed the undergraduate program.
However I did not tell them that she is being enrolled for masters program. Should I send them proof of enrollment for masters program? Will she still be a dependent child as she is still a student and fully dependent on me financially. Please advise.

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yes, send proof that she is still in school and dependent - as soon as possible so they do not get the impression that she is finished with her education.
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Thank you so much Sharon . . .
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in my opinion you should inform them of her admission. It is necessary that the education must be continued in a Government accredited institution. Yes she will be considered a student and dependent child. do´nt worry.
munawar hussain
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I sponsored my parents and my brother who was un married a student and under 22 at the time the mississauga office received the application. He is still unmarried, not a student anymore, and over 22.
We received a letter from the canandian embassy asking:
"Please provide our office with an official document stating your son Dorian is single/never married and not in a common-law or conjugal relationship and the evidence of his ongoing studies.
We expect to receive these documents within 15 days from the date of this email. We strongly recommend use of a courier´s service."
Does he still qualify as dependant child, why are they asking for proof of education when he was under 22 years of age when we send the application in mississauga?
Thanks for your assistance,

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