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Subject: Urgent advice
  I got married in Dec 03,2007. I sponsored my husband, and he arrived here in Ontario in Feb,04,2009. He lived with me for aprx 6 months and ran away on July 4th,2009. I heard from relatives that he is in Vancouver now. He called me a month ago that he loves me and not to worry. I now found out from relatives that he is planning to never come back. He wants to leave me but is stalling. Now his phone is off, and he hasnt called me in 2 weeks. His mother in India is not answering my phones either. They have a plan. They both are playing me for a fool!I want a divorce! What can i do.
Kiran Gill
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Kiran Gill

You can prove to him your no fool!

You can expose his and his families trickery!

You can lodge a complaint with Canada Border Service Agency by these numbers. 1-888-502-9060 or via Fax: 1-613-948-4848 but your evidence has to be quality stuff. If you want assistance with your complaint I will gladly do it pro bono.

CTV W5 would love to talk to you about how you got tricked and since it is national show his fraudulent ways will be exposed for all the BC community. He ran there to make sure he appears like an angel.

The ball is in your court. Want to fix him. Call.


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