LMo refused twice-wp expired-implied status???

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Subject: LMo refused twice-wp expired-implied status???

My Workpermit is going to expire5th Sep´09.I already applied for WP extension in JUne´09.But my LMO refused Twice.My employer is going to give advertise again and i am gonna apply LMO third time after 15 days.I am aware that i will have implied status untill i get my WP decision.BUt i wanted to know about Restoration Process.

I am also aware that if i am out of status than within 90 days i can apply for restoration.If suppose i will get my WP decision next month than I am on Imlied status for a month..NOw my question is that,If i apply for restoration after 1 month(after third rejection of LMO or WP) what will be that restoration for-As a worker or visitor??as far as i know i can t apply for restoration as a worker(as i wont have LMO )so do i need to apply as a visitor?I heared that there are very less chances to get visitor status..Do anyone here know about thistype of visa?and i aslo know taht i will have to give some reason why i want to stay in canada or why i wana do restoration..for that I have two reasons as below:

1.I already have PR file in process.Can i say i am waiting for decision so i want to stay more.
2.I will apply LMO for 4th time??is it possible??

My spouse is also with me.same on workpermit expires 5th sep.what abt her.will she also get restoration as a visior?

and the last question..unfortunately ,if i have to leave canada,what about my PR file.will it be on same rules as i have applied in canada.or it will be reviewed by the rules of my home country..

I already have studied one year and one year canadian experience..

I know i have asked so many question.But Please help me.

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