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Subject: Question on Multiple Entry Visa

Please, please help me. Will a ´multiple entry visa´ be useful here?

We (me, wife & 1 kid) are UK citizens of Sri Lankan origin. We´ve been given PR in Canada, and will emigrate soon.

My mother is also a UK citizen, but not a Canadian PR. Once we move, she will return to Sri Lanka from UK. However, for the next 3-4 years, she´d like to visit us in Canada for the ´warm half of the year´ & spend the ´cold half of the year´ back in Sri Lanka.

After that she´ll stay in Sri Lanka for good.

(a) She does not want to be sponsored or reside full time in Canada, so we will not be sponsoring her as a dependant.

(b) She is 59 years old, in good health, and has medical insurance.

(c) She has a good amount of property & assets in Sri Lanka from which she derives good income. She can provide proof of this. She is financially indpendant (heck, her income is double mine and I´m a 30 year old professional!!)

(d) She will buy return tickets every time when she visits Canada.

(e) Even on the 1st visit to Canada after she leaves the UK with us, she will carry a forward ticket from Canada to Sri Lanka (dated 6 months later).

(f) She has many close relatives in Sri Lanka, though I am her only offspring.

As she is a British passport holder, in an ideal world, she should be allowed 6 months stay each year.

My concern is that immigration may wrongly suspect she has dual intent to stay on since I am her only offspring, and give a ´shorter than 6 month´ visa.

- is this likely to be a problem (i.e have ppl encountered this before)?

- if so, is there anything I can do to convince immigration that she is a genuine visitor, and will definitely leave after 6 months? I am willing to sign a bond ... I even have property in Canada which I can stake in the bond.

- finally, will a "multiple entry visa" for her be more convincing than a "no visa at all as British citizen" scenario at airport immigration? Especially since a ´multiple visa´ process ´screens´ the applicant beforehand?

Sorry for long post. Needed to lay out the whole picture. Really grateful for any helpful advise.


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Why would the Canadian Government (Visa Post) either in Colombo or London issue a Canadian Visitor Visa (Multiple Entry or Single Entry) to any UK Citizen that does not require one?

Have her come for a visit she gets six months and then she goes where ever.


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The only thing she can do to help speed her process at the Airport is to bring with her proof she will leave Canada:
Recent bill stubs (hydro,mortgage etc...)
Proof of money in her accounts.
mortgage paperwork
proof of ownership of properties/assets outside of Canada
return ticket.

As long as she only brings an ammount of goods/clothing that matches the length and purpose of her trip she should be fine.
If she brings all her wordly posessions the officers will likely suspect her of trying to immigrate to Canada.

As a UK Citizen she does not need and will not receive a visa.
However they may put her on a Visitor Record and she may need to provide proof of compliance (drop off the visitor record when she leaves within the given time).

Hope that helped


how can i apply multiple visa (in reply to: Question on Multiple Entry Visa)
i am new zealand citizen . i have work perment to work canada and i want to go india soon and possible beause i have perment one time entry. how can i get multiple go to india. plase can u give me ansser soon . thanks plase
harjinder singh
multipal entry visa to canada (in reply to: Question on Multiple Entry Visa)
My only sister and her fly are canadian citizens for the past 15 yrs.
My mother 73, husband 63 and self 52 have visited canada 2 yrs ago for a month.
Is it possible for me to obtain a multipal entry visa to Canada & America for 3 to 5 yrs, for the 3 of us including my 1 year old grand daughter who lives with me, my 2 adult children? coz sister´s children are of marriageable age, would like to attend their weddings.
2. of late my sister doesn´t keep too well, in-out of hospital.
3. her mother-in-law is 95. would like to see all of us.
can assure that non of us will stay in the country for more than 3 weeks, as V R well settled and I am a professional, both my children have permenant jobs, husband is retired.
Awaiting UR reply.

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