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Subject: Spousal Sponsorship Proving Contact
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When he/she is half way around the world maintaining contact can be expensive and difficult especially with the various time difference.

The Visa Posts will ask for letters and envelopes to prove your sending him/her letters and that they were mailed from Canada. Virtually no one uses snail mail anymore but the Visa Officers like to see this stuff.

Phone Bills can put you in the poor house and using regular phone cards proves nothing because they do not show whom you called or that in fact the call was made from your phone number.

Get a phone card that you enter into your phone and you can call whenever from your phone and recharge it with a credit card. Babatel is one such company and you can print from the internet your calling history. The History will show frequency of calls, duration of calls,numbered called and number called from.

I recommend informing the Visa Post of the Username and Password the company provides you so if they want to see if your still calling your partner once or five times a day for fourty minutes a time CIC can check it themselves!

Another less expensive way is communicating is via web cam because it is free and you get to see each other. Messenger, QQ, Skype. Take photos of you speaking to him/her and make sure you have plenty with different outfits on. Move some items around in front of your computer screens to date the photos. Different hairstyles or hair cuts really help. At least six such photos some from your partners computer as well will eliminate the need for huge phone bills.

Remember it is your duty to prove your relationship and don´t forget to say Happy Thanksgiving!


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