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Subject: Delay in Immigration
  Hi All,

I have filed my case in Jun 2005 and still not heard anything from Embassy in Islamabad, initally I filed my case from UK and then send the letter that I only want my correspondance address to be changed which they misunderstood and transfer my file to Islamabad. Anyhow I continue with that and then they send confirmation letter stating that it will take 32-46 months to reply.

It is more than 50 months passed and they still not reply me for anything. What do I do?? please help is it normal in Pakistan. I am working and leaving for 9 years in Saudi Arabia.

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Akbar bhai wahan kya rakha hai
Albake khao aur mast raho Saudi main
mat jao wahan badi pareshani hai
main ja ke wapas aaya hoon wahan se. DOOR KE DHOL SUHANE LAGTEIN nahi suna kya yeh kahawat?

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^^Why not ask CIC directly if this is normal. I heard on the CBC news the other day that they would take extra measure to make sure to filter out those extremists from parkistan after all those failed attempts to attack Toronto. I suggest u to make enquiry to respective consulate or cic for that matter.
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