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Subject: Application Reject due to non-delivery of mail
  Dear All,

I applied for Canadian Permanent Residency for skilled worker category in Dec 2006 in the High Commission of Canada in London. According to the letter that received at that time, they said that they do not expect the process to start before 45 months (i.e.: some where in the beginning of 2010). Today, after 34 months, i got a letter that my application was rejected because i did not respond to their letter date some where in Oct 2008 requesting all the supporting documents.

I find it very unfair that they did not even send that important letter through registered mail, and now have rejected my case, let alone the time have i have lost due to this mishandling of mail.

I have written them a letter about this issue and hoping for a response. Do you thing they will reopen my case and request for the documents once again? Any other advise for me that can help me reopen my case? Thanks.

Nabil A. Malik

Nabil Malik
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You are right. It is unfair, especially since CPC-Sydney started sending confirmation emails rather than confirmation letters. Visa offices will sometimes used registered mail and in other they won´t. I encountered spousal sponsorship cases which were rejected because the applicant did not respond to letter of concerns. With the cost and trouble of going to the federal court and making the case of unfairness in the process, I don´t think you can do much other than reapplying. In smaller visa offices sometimes the client service is better and you can reverse decisions that normally will require court intervention. I am not sure the CHC in London is one. Try the program manager. You have nothing to lose.


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you have done all you can do. They sometimes send a second reminder - obviously that did not arrive either. Did you change addresses during that period - if so and you did not notify CIC immediately, you will be out of luck.

My friend was unsuccessful after mail never arrived but you might be lucky. Like Amir says... worth a try.

while you are waiting for a response from CIC, have a look at the new process and rules to see if you qualify and start gathering up your stuff if you wish to move forward.

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