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  I´m an American who works on cruise ships, my girlfriend is Canadian, living in Toronto. I was wondering if the time I am at sea counts toward the 1 year requirement for Common Law status, if I am living with her for a month before I leave ? I would be using her address for pretty much everything. I would be gone for about 6 months, then back in Toronto for about 2 months before leaving for another 6 months. Just wondering if this was something that would be possible.
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my wife´s passport is still in single status but we already have our auhtenticated certified true copy of our marriage cetificate. She stayed single on her passport due to her working conract in Dubai. Is it possible to put her as my spouse in the application? please help us....thank you very3 much...
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Anybody ?
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Coolbreeze - No. You have to be living together in a conjugal relationship for at least one year in a continuous 12-month period that was not interrupted, except for short business trips or to family visit. You will see on the application form that you are required to provide a breakdown of your PHYSICAL whereabouts - month / year so I don´t think an address in Toronto is suffice. Part of the reason for the detailed breakdown is for security background checks, any misrepresentation that is uncovered, you may be inadmissible. Sorry, you may have to get married if common-law is difficult for you.
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