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Subject: Common Law while married

I am in temporary work permit, and I have "sponsored" my common law partner for her to get her "open work permit" on October 2008. We have been living together since February 2007 (now 2.5 years).

But she got her divorce finalize (with her ex-husband) on February 2008. Her ex-husband is in jail for 5 years already. So she applied for her open work permit only 6 months after she got her divorce finalize. Her open work permit was approved, but she didn´t mention about her previous marriage, only that she was living with me for 6 months.

I just got nomination under AINP program and I have my application for PR ready to send to Bufalo.

In the forms she has to mention about her previous marriage and send the final divorce certificate, and Immigration will see that she was divorced for only 6 months when she got her "work permit" throught me..

She has to mentioned her previous marriage because she also has 2 kids (living with us in Alberta) and want to include them in the application for PR.

Is there any conflict beacause she declared that was my common law partner while she was married but doing her divorce??

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