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Subject: Schedule 1 - Background Declaration
  Would appreciate input from anyone on the following ..

Question 6 .. personal details of Mother

Town/City of Birth
Country of Birth

My husband (applicant)has no idea .. strange yes but true. His mother was born in pre-war Europe ..most likely in one of the smaller countries/areas that ceased to exist with the onset of the war, both parents are now deceased. All we know is that they married in Europe somewhere (Father was an American citizen) and came back to the United States sometime in the 1950´s

How important is this information? .. We´ve pretty well exhausted all avenues and just can´t find the information. Potential ramifications of writing "Unknown" in those fields would be???

Thanks in advance for the input :)

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I´d write "unknown". If they decide to follow-up, you can reply with this information. You can also add these remarks as additional notes (blank page) in your application, and refer back to Question 6.

I´m surprised one wouldn´t know where one´s parents were born, at least the name of the country. But I don´t think it´ll be a problem.

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I think Richard is completely right. CIC is aware of all sorts of situations; it won´t be the first time they´ve encountered a similar response. As long as you can show that you´ve tried to find the answer, as Richard mentioned, you should be fine.
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