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Subject: Alberta Immigration Timeline
I applied for Alberta Immigratiom 6 months before. I am in USA on H1 visa.

I want to know when should I expect (time line) the Immigration under Alberta scheme for H1 holders.

Please let me know its urgent

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Why ask here if it is too urgent? Ask call center directly.
Alberta Immigration Timeline (in reply to: Alberta Immigration Timeline)

Go through this weblink and you will know...


Alberta Immigration Timeline (in reply to: Alberta Immigration Timeline)

See below more specific info on AINP processing times....

Strategic Recruitment Stream processing times for U.S. Visa Holders

U.S. Visa Holder Category Processing time

Notification (pre-assessment) At least four months
Candidate assessment At least eight months
Total AINP processing time At least twelve months*

* If you have a valid full-time job offer from an Alberta employer in a field related to your current occupation in the U.S. you will receive priority processing.

Good luck!!!

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Hi, I have a problem about my ainp application, my papers is on going process and my employers are fully support my papers but thier company they sale, and the next management are willing to accept me as a my question is, what will be happend to my application becuase my employers nommenated me is out going from this company? CIC will be continue to process my application if the next management are also support my papers?
fernando martinez
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we´re currently processing an application under the federal skilled worker filed august 2007 and it states that our paper is in process, how many months more should we wait before our papers would be finalized? thank you

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