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Subject: Query - Financial Managers (Skilled Workers)
  My query is: I have noticed that in the canadian occupation list of 38 occupations there is a sub category under Financial Managers (NOC code 0111) by the title Senior Managers Financial, Telecommunication (NOC Code 0013). My current and previous job description exactly matches with the description given for 0013. But it is not listed amongst the 38 occupations. Can I apply and be eligible in that case if I choose to apply under NOC code 0013 instead of 0111? Thanks.
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I am Currently working as Financial Manager so i am eligiable for that, but i am confused about whch kind of format i have to submit in immigration and asked to my employer job experiance. Did i have to use any other form for showing i m qualified for 38 occupation list.pls inform me if any other form or document i have submit??

Financial Managers (Skilled Workers) (in reply to: Query - Financial Managers (Skilled Workers))
Omer, unfortunately NO you won´t qualify under 0013.

Imran - Get exactly what your job duties are in your company and if you have performed a substantial portion of the main duties as listed under main duties for NOC 0111, you are good to go...

Good luck!!


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