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Subject: Permanent residence?
  I am in Canada for 2 years with a work permit, skilled worker, which expired in August. I applied for immigration as a skilled worker in February three years ago. I could not extend my work permit within the legal timeframe, but I have now an offer to stay as an artist in resident at a museum. I applied for a three month holiday extension in September, paid my fees and never heard back from them. Applied on line. My questions are:

Can I stay in Canada (to process/apply for a permanent residence visa) even if my work permit says I have to leave in August?

Is there a visa for an artist in residence, and can I apply for it in Canada and wait for the decision? Or, do I have to apply from Germany.

Can I apply for a permanent residency (I fit within the confines of the Canadian Experience Class) while I am in Canada, and do I have to cancel my immigration process that I started in Germany years ago? Or, is it possible to update my initial application with the work experience that Iíve done, and the volunteer/community work I have done?

What is the difference between a permanent residency application and an immigration application?

german artist
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