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Subject: Common-Law / 12 months cohabitation
  Hi everybody,
I am new to this forum and I was reading a bit the questions and answers. It looks really helpful! I have some questions regarding my situation..
I am a Swiss resident and I have been in a relationship with my Canadian boyfriend since April 2008. We have have had a distance relationship for about one year. Since February 2009 I am living with him in the same household. In August this year I went back home for a bout 7 see my family&friends and I also worked a bit, as I was not able to get any working permit here in Canada, I needed some money. I came back by to Canada by the end of September.
My boyfriend and I are thinking to apply for a common-law visa. Now my question is, if we can just add up these 7 weeks I have been away!? Or did I interrupt the 12 months, so that we have to start all over again and start counting the months from September on??

Thanks in advance for your answers!

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