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Subject: baby on board the day of first entry - Alberta
  Hello people,

First of all, thanks for the great advice I have received through this whole process.
After a year and a half I finally got my PR visa approved and I plan to move next year.
Right now, my wife and I are planning to have a second child and I was wondering what would be a better choice: to arrive with my wife pregnant or wait until we get there.
I will be arriving first to settle and hopefully get a job before we all move.
What I would like to know is if there is any benefit if the baby is conceived in the Country rather than outside or anything like that. I am not even sure if I have to notify Immigrations that she is waiting if it is not noticeable.

I appreciate you thoughts

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In Canada, a baby isn´t considered a baby until it is born. So, whether your wife gets pregnant in or outside of Canada is up to the two of you, but if she has the child outside of Canada, things get more complicated.

I would take into consideration financial issues and the stress of relocating to another country. You are obviously already aware of the stresses of having a newborn, so you might try to imagine combining that reality with the challenges of assimilating into a new culture, making a new home, starting a new job (or jobs), etc. Simple everyday tasks take on a whole new challenge when you are in a new place, as they do when carting around a brand new baby. A lot to consider that only you and your wife can answer.

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