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Subject: Canadian marrying British Citizen in Canada
  Hello. My boyfriend/fiance is currently in England ( British by birth) and I am Canadian in Canada. We want to be together very much and the idea would be to live in England. Question is....Is it easier for him to come here and us get married and then get a marriage visa to go back or is it easier for me to go there and get married ( I am not sure of the regulations there). Bottom line is we want to be married and in England....Does anyone know the easiest way to do it? Please and thank you, Rhonda
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You are better off (as well as him) moving to England; the process there is more humane and you can find work (more easily) there while waiting to clear the residency paperwork.
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Hi...thanks for that thing I didn´t add was I tried going to the UK before and they sent me home because they were suspicious I wasn´t going to leave when my plane ticket was up. Now I have an X on my there any way I can go back without an hassle? I heard someone tell me to get a new passport but they have record of me trying to enter the country......will they hold that against me? would that be on file? Rhonda
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Rhonda, I don´t think that Canadian Citizens needs a visa to enter England and vice versa. Why you were refused an entry?


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Hi...thanks for responding...they/customs thought I was not going to return to Canada after my holiday was over...they really gave me a hard time about it and treated me harshly. Now I have a X mark in my passport and they took my finger prints and photo....I did nothing wrong other than try to go see my sweetheart. They told me to go home and apply for a Visa if I want to return and stay ( and work). Can I go back without doing this or will there be a problem>? I need someone who would know.
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Well, I don´t have much of a reply for this post. But I do have a question.
I´m Canadian and my fiancee lives in England. We met twice face to face. First time was for 6 weeks and we lived together. Second time was for 6 months and then I returned to Canada as I was just a visitor. Now we want to get married and plan to live in England. However, we are wondering if he could come here for a visit since he´s never been here, and get married here? Would he need a visa for that? Then what would be the procedure for me to relocate to England with him after we get married and how long approximately will it take? Also, what is required of us?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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as a UK citizen (?) he does not require a visa to visit Canada. If you happen to get married while he is here... so be it but I would not tell the customs officer anything beyond his intent to visit. (they are also afraid he won´t go back). There is no special documentation required for a marriage to take place beyond him being able to declare he is single or divorced.

I am not sure what the requirements are for him to sponsor you in the UK. If it was reverse (him to Canada), you would have to qualify as a sponsor, then the application goes to the UK for the applicant processing. It is most expedient if you were to file as if you were living in separate countries while the process completes. Outland applications take about 8-12 months.

Maybe someone else here knows the rules for the UK.

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I have a similar situation. I am a Canadian citizen (born and raised), my boyfriend is British (born and raised in the UK). He was here in Canada on a working Visa last year for 12months when we met. We have been dating for nearly 7 months now. Unfortunately, he had to go back to England since his visa expired. He is currently in the UK working, and is trying to do whatever he can to get back to me, here in Canada as quick as possible. Our relationship is very serious, and we have been talking about Marriage as an option. We would both like to reside in Canada, but are unsure of the quickest way for this to happen. Although, it may seem rushed, we really don’t see it that way. We are genuinely in love, but we do not want to have a wedding right away.We were hoping to elope, and have a wedding at a later date, when we have enough money to do it the way we both have always dreamed of. Will these cause us problems with immigration? Also, He has looked into coming over on a bunac student visa, we have both done our research and from what we gathered, it seems it would be okay to marry while he is back in Canada for another 12months. Although, our concern is that when the 12months is up, he will have to return to England again. And, if he applies to extend his stay, he will not be able to work for approximately 8months until his PR arrives? When he returns on bunac, we will be living together for those 12months that he is here. Everyone we talk to says marriage is definitely the quickest way, and we are willing to do whatever it takes. How long does it take to process a spousal sponsorship, is it a difficult process, and is it hard to get accepted? How would it work if we decided to wait to get married until the 12months have passed, meaning we would be ‘common law’. Would that make it any easier? It has come to our attention that it would be easier to marry within Canada, since we intend to live here. Our main concern is that he will have to leave again, after we are married until he receives his PR. What is the exact process, and how long will it take, and what should we be doing in the meantime, while we wait, because we do not want to be apart any longer. Thank you for all your help! We really appreciate all we can get. The more information we can get the better!
-Canadian Girl

Canadian Girl
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start here - look under family class. I would strongly advise against an inland application unless you can afford to live on 1 income for a year.
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hi canadian girl. i have the exact same story. my boyfriend was here on a 1 year visa and he had to go back to england. i am a canadian citizen. he will come over for christmas and we plan to get married, but no big ceremony as i am a student and we cant financially afford it at the moment. we are trying to find out how long will it take for him to get the working visa after we get married? or should he go back to england and work until granted a work visa in canada?
we are very stressed, cant afford a lawyer and have no one to talk to. any ideas and suggestions would be very helpful, thank you in advance. :((

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hi i am canadian i was born and raised and my boyfriend is british born and raised i asked my friend what my boyfriend needs to come here she said he needs a visa to visit and he needs it so we can get married is this true. i do know he needs his passport to come for a visit what else does he need will it be easy for us to get married whe he gets here or wait for a week to a month