help regarding my immigration and MCCEE

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Subject: help regarding my immigration and MCCEE
  i m Kuldeep ghosh, frm india but doing my bachelor´s in medicine in china(zhejiang university).
but in future i would like to do my residency in i have few ques. regarding tht.....will be very thk ful for ur help

1.for giving MCCEE exam do i have to be immigrant of canada? if yes thn how i can apply for tht?(any suggestions)

2.according to u doing usmle step 2 (kaplan notes) and toronto notes will be sufficent?

kuldeep ghosh
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Doing residency in Canada for international medical graduates IMG is very hard. However, residencies in the United States is more friendly to IMG. The US has a much larger number of residency programs than Canada. You need to clear USMLE 1,2 and USMLE Clinical skills. Check the requirements on You can do Steps 1 and 2 in China.

Go the web site of the medical council of Canada and read the detailed steps for sitting for the MCCEE. The web site is

MCCEE is done overseas and it is not necessarily to be an immigrant.

thks for help (in reply to: help regarding my immigration and MCCEE)
thks sir for ur reply. ya i know abt USMLE but bcoz of some personal reasons i m prefering MCCEE.
can u tell me like.if i pass my MCCEE exam will i have any visa i heard in these procedures people always have visa which kind of visa i will get after passing exam? or can i work there while my studies?

kuldeep ghosh
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