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Subject: how long its takes to get LMO
  Hi everyone,

I planning to apply a job at Canada for low-skilled workers. and I just want to know more details on how
long its takes to get LMO after signed the contract from my employer.

so I can prepare and adjust my situation here with my presently job company in case its done and have to depart in Canada.

whats your opinion and advice, suggestion.

thanks in advance to all, I appreciate it.

LMO (in reply to: how long its takes to get LMO)
Hi,I have gotten 2 in the last year.The first one took a month .The second took almost 2 months. Good luck.
How long does it take to get an LMO (in reply to: how long its takes to get LMO)
Hi Daisy

There are three stages to applying to work in Canada. The first involves the employer. They are obligated to advertise for two weeks in Canada to attempt to recruit a local employee. Once this is complete they apply for a labour market opinion through Service Canada. This can take 1-2 months depending on their back log.

When they recieve a positive result. You will be sent a copy of this. At this point you must contact your local Canadian High Commission (Embassy)to fill out the necessary paper work. They will advise you to get a medical exam (they have a list of approved doctors) and they will also ask for additional documentation. They will call you in for an interview and shortly after you will receive a work permit (if all goes well) The waiting period from the point you go to the local CIC office depends on what city you live in. Each country has a different waiting period depending on back log

Hope this helps

Janet MacDonald
Optimum Childcare and Nannies

Janet MacDonald
LMO (in reply to: how long its takes to get LMO)
Hi everyone. I have friend who´s LMO is in process since last week of October 2009. Now she want´s to cancell that job with that employer. What will happen if their is another employer wants to sponsor her and she preferred that job and to process the LMO this month of November?

Thank your very much for your kind response.

LMO (in reply to: how long its takes to get LMO)
Hi Lanie,

It´s up to your friend to apply for a work permit with the LMO of her choice- assuming she has a few offers, and positive LMOs were actually issued.

I wouldn´t count on the promises of sponsorship just yet- best to try and make sure the company she goes with are honest employers and will actually stick to the contract. Try and speak to current or former employees if possible to see if a) they are working a reasonable number of hours and b) if they are being paid what was promised to them.

Good luck.

about LMO (in reply to: how long its takes to get LMO)
HI IAM BASHAR HAMDAN FROM JORDAN AMMAN PLEASE I want to make sure that my name is in the list of candidates for employment . I HAVE EMPLOYER And I had an interview . JUAT WANNA KNOW THAT MY NAME Existing ? THANKS ALOT
bashar hamdan
E-LMO (in reply to: how long its takes to get LMO)
What is E-LMO? Who is eligable to apply for that? I heard that it takes only 5 business days to process. If employer wants to hire for the position of a call centre agent and ready to pay arround 19 dollar per hour, is that ok to apply for a ELMO from saskatoon?
LMO (in reply to: how long its takes to get LMO)

I am working in Saskatoon for 1 year and because of my wife is
student I did not need LMO, but her study permit will be done at the end of august and my work permit too.I applied for work permit but they rejected me and ask me for LMO.
I want to know how long dose it take to get LMO and what is differences between ELMO and LMO?
How much dose it cost to resolve this problem?

Regarding the time to get an LMO (in reply to: how long its takes to get LMO)
In August 2012, I hired an immigration consultant located in Bangladesh. Within 1 and a half month of hiring the consultant they brought me a job offer from sujani & rosen fashions inc. Then i applied for LMO through that consultant. They told me that it would take 3-4 months to get the LMO, but in March, 2013 they told me that might get the LMO by Jube-July and today they told me that it might take 4 more months to get the LMO. what could be the problem? is my consultant authentic?
Khalid Shahriar
(in reply to: how long its takes to get LMO)
Its a good day to all. I have a friend who is working in Middlf East but she applied as caregiver in Canada thru an agency and she already submitted all the documents required last April 2014, and the agency emailed her that the next step is contract and LMO, in her case, how long does it takes to get the result of the LMO.
Thank you for your kind consideration.


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