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Subject: Stuck here in malaysia
  My dad is a Canadian and hes working here in Malaysia!
he passed away like 10 years ago and i don;t know what to do here
i can´t work and can;t do anything legal
i studied here and now i´m just lost
is this the place to ask stuff about this
i already went to the authorities and they just say that they will look in to it! but years has pass and nothing!@

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^^so whats ur citizenship? are you canadian? or you want to get status in Malaysia?
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Please go to the Canadian embassy in your country, prove that you are the child of a Canadian citizen, you must automatically be a Canadian citizen (if your father registered you as your child) if not you have to go to the court and prove that you are the child of a Canadian citizen. but please go to the Canadian Embassy with all birth certificates (where they cn see your father´s name etc.)If you do not have such documents wel you are in trouble, you must prove everything you say so ....
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He is only a Canadian Citizen if his father is a Canadian citizen at time of his birth.
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Hasn´t my question being answered in don;t care about Roy,
i have prove to the Canadian embassy already! i have the ID card plus all the stuff! they even check the computer and yes i´m in there! but the problem is they just ask me to wait! and hey say they cannot help me! of my status!
so i brought my self to the local immigration center and told them my situation the ask me to sit in a corner then came back for me about 3 hours later asked me to go take some pictures of my self and asked me to sit in the corner again and then after waiting for about 6 hours they ask me to leave because they are closing! so that it any one knows where or who i can call plz

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Sorry to hear that you are in predicament. About your situation, I´m not sure if I understand exactly what you are saying. What I would suggest from what I could make out from your statement is that, get yourself a lawyer from Canada and let that person work for you from inside. My concern is that CIC is notorious for procrastination and that might be the case with your situation.If that´s happen, you´ll be stuck in Malaysia for several years and would probably end up get you time wasted by them. Being a Canadian citizen, I think you have leverage in a sense that, by the help from inside, CIC probably take you case more seriously than that of non-citizen. Wish you for the best.
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