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Subject: Study Visa Refusal
  My sister did M.Sc(Applied Physics) specialization in electronucs. She has applied for Student VISA from pakistan.
She got admission in M.Eng (Quality system Engineering).

For the funds to pay concordia uni. fees and living expenses. (she showed Canadian 5000$ and her sister she is in canada with Pemanent Residence status showed 10,000 CAD $ for her sister´s Tution fees and she will stay with her sister)

She got two rejection points in the rejection letter;

1. You have not satisfied me that you have adequate funds available to you to pay for your tuition and living expenses while in Canada and to return to your country of residence as required by R220.

2. they said that "you have similar program of study in pakistan and they are not satisfied that she is going only for study"

[b]what you recommed her to clear these 2 rejection points, and when should she re-apply the case?

How much money is suffiecient?
how she can justify that the courses in Concordia are good that courses in Pakistan Universities?[/b]

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Money makes it all. 5K is too little. Annual life expenses for an individual in Canada is not less than 10k (this a requirement for immigration too).

So you have to have a budget of 10K (living expenses) + tuition fees (at least for the first year).

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Few years back, one of my acquaintances brother came here on student visa. He told me that he got his aunt sponsor him who showed her bank account around usd$12000 after he paid one semester cost by himself. He was undergrad. Take this as an instance. You situation may be different.
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I am planning to show more money in my sister´s account (who is the student) about 20,000 CAD$ at this time.
I want to know how much will be sufficient wat is R220?

But how can i justify the second objection.

How can i justify "Quality System engineering" is not availbale in pak. Or It is not good as compare to the Concordia University.

Should i have to give courses detial of all universities from Pak.

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i applied for student visa for canada under SPP programme.i have done BA and i applied for the human resource management.i paid one year´s tution fee.the reason of refusal was
you didnot satisfy us that u will come back from canada.
please tell me the solution

Amrit pal
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Amrit Pal jee, email me your resume..

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Also, let me know the followings:

IELTS score
how much $$$$ showed?
your parents financial soundness?

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ielts bands-6.0
my course was under spp(pilt programme) so i showed 4.50 lac loan.
my father is nri(bharain).my mother is elder brother is also nri(australia).

Amrit pal
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hi. i have done my 10+2 in commerce in 2008.then i have completed diploma course in computer applications and i have taken the bba course in viu(canada).we have loan of 15 ielts score is 6.5 but they(chc)rejected my application in only one day saying that you have not satisfy us that u will leave canada at authorised time because ur proposed course is not light with ur previous study ,employment etc.Sir plz tell me wat is d proper reason for rejection & is there chance for reapply.
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Hi.. I have done my +2 commerce dis year in march. Now i aspire to continue my studies in canada. I consulted an agent to apply for a course in a candian college under SPP.. I scored 7 bands in ielts and i fulfill all other requirements under SPP very well.. But my family member´s experience with canadian embassy were shocking in the previous years.. my parents got refused for canadian visitor visa twice.. then my elder sister got a refusal on a student visa.. I just wanted to know that will all the refusals of my family members effect my chances to get visa...
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i had faced rejection under spp 2010 sep intake because of non relevancy of course .can i apply again in jan intake with changing my course.plz sugest how much chances r there.9779127517.chd embassy .i had applied for centennial college in pg dip of IBM.i had a loan of 10 lakhs& showed 7.5 lakhs fds.i had completed my graduation in arts in 2007 & working with a local industre as a sales manager.can i apply again in jan intake wid marketing managment.can i get visa thia time.plz do tell me.
gaurav gupta