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Subject: LMO numbers drop
  Morning Rant

According to the Star LMO approval rates for the first three months of 2009 in the whole country dropped by 25% more like 75% in the GTA!


In the Portuguese area of Toronto things are sad. In Toronto we had a city workers strike and no building permits were issued this summer. Construction companies had to declare bankruptcy.

To renew a work permit one has to show proof that they actually worked for company (B) when that company had no work for them. If the worker wants to change jobs they have to obtain a new LMO plus first prove they complied with the first work permit even if the boss refused to pay them.

Now they will not renew work permits for highly skilled TWP holders after they have had just a few WP in an attempt to force the worker to decide to apply for PR status.

The dilemma is that we need the Temporary FW ie: Bricklayer now but is he preventing someone else getting that job, NO! The company that is happy with that FW Bricklayer will now have to seek out a new LMO and hire someone else and in the mean time get fined for not completing construction projects on time because the Bricklayer who had been working for them for three years was sent home.

Should all foreign workers who have been abused or treated unfairly by their Canadian employers when caught working illegally for someone else scream REFUGEE!!! That way CIC will issue them an open work permit for at least two years before their bogus refugee claim is even heard by the IRB?


It is an option sadly that some will choose.

We have a Global workforce and many Canadian´s live and work outside of Canada so now I´m waiting to hear the whines from Canadian´s when other governments pass the same legislation.


Where is the LMO no. in LMO? (in reply to: LMO numbers drop)
Where is the LMO no. in LMO?
Rupinderjit Singh
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