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Subject: i want to migrat canada
  sir i m in UAE and doing as a security guard for two years and i want to go canade what i shall do? becaus my passport here in my compay and i have bachlor degree in arts and have diploma in commerce and 5years experiance as a accountant in pakistan so plz help and i do,t leave my job and want to go to canada with in these 2years
fayaz khan
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You can migrate to Canada with Work Permit, or if you establish own business.
I am here now 2 years and very happy.
If you like help- you can write to-
top_immigration@live.com Attn- Mr.Bill
This is very good service.
I hope you have good luck.
Ok, Alexander

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Yes you are very sutiable to come to Canada as a security guard. Canada needs a lot of security guards. Working in your profession is much harder. if you are willing to work as a security guard, Canada is your choice.
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Sir i am live in INDIA and doing as a computer hardware networking engg.for two years and i want to go CANADA what i shall do? I have bachelor degree in Arts and have diploma in computer hardware & networking and 2 years experience computer hardware networking so plz help then what i do?
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