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Subject: Reentry Visa to Canada
  Hi, I received my renewed work permit and planning to go for a vacation for couple of weeks. So when i enter into canada, i need the re entry visa (multiple) for an year. So can i apply for the re entry from buffalo (i have US Visa)? how long will it take to process as i want to just stay for a day in US? I have all the documents like employer letter, Tax assesments etc.

Thanks in advance.

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Same day as long as you have all of the appropriate documentation and you are not from any of the countries that require a 10 day mandatory waiting period.
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I want to apply for re entry visa (Buffalo) in person. How long it will take to process. Can I be issued a visa on the same day? I have a US visa and can only stay in US for 1 day. Is that possible? I´m going for 3 weeks´ vacation to my country. I´m from Toronto working as a Live-in caregiver.

Thank you.


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could you please guide me how to re-apply re-entry visa, i want to have a holiday for 1month in my country phil. i am a live-in caregiver and i have valid working permit but my multiple visa is going can i got a re-entry visa.?can i apply online?
thank you and i wait your response.

wilma william omas
request for re-entry visa to Canada (in reply to: Reentry Visa to Canada)
sir/madam, i left Canada Nov.27,2009 for a 42-day vacation here in the Philippines without a re-entry visa and my multiple visa had expired. I still have a valid work permit, please guide me how to accomplish a re-entry visa online or whichever way possible. Hoping for your reply, thank you very much.
Ricardo R. Refe
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sir/madam, i want to go for holiday in the philippines in this coming march, but my working permit is gonna be expire this coming april. i don´t have yet my new working permit but i had already my new LMO. can i apply for re-entry visa to canada?
selec borris
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Sir/madam, i am going for 15 days vacation in the philippines. this july 22,2010 and come back aug 07 2010. my multiple visa and work permit will expire dec. 02 2010. do i need to applay re entry visa? thx.
Richel Esoma
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Richel, If you have a multiple entry visa and you are travelling back within its expiry date from phillipines, you don´t need to worry. You can reenter without a visa.
Hope it helped.

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Sir/Madam,I´am going for 21 days vacation in the Phils.this JULY 17-AUG 08,10 my multiple visa are expired last NOV.28,09. MY employer help me to download the application form,and i fill-up already but im still worried,coz i dont know how much the payment fee, how to pay,,and how long the processing,can u help me?thanks
Genalyn Delacruz
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You cannot apply for a multiple visa within canada. You can only reapply for renewal of your work permit. For multiple entry visa, you need to apply outside canada. US will be the best option if you have USA visa. it will be processed within hours at canadian consulate buffalo.
But if it is work permit, then certainly you can renew. visit

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SIR/Madam, I am going for vacation this coming june 18,2010 in the Philippines but my multiple visa is expired last Nov.2009, but my work permit still valid until Nov.2011 can i apply re-entry visa in the philippines? B´coz im worried maybe it will take time if i will apply there(phils.)if i will apply in US(Bufalo) thru mail how many weeks it will take?can U help me pls?

cecille visda