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Subject: Deported from Canada (Departure)
If someone has been deported from Canada, could that person return into canada? and if so after how long?
Can that person immigrate to Canada again?
Thanks for your time.

how to report someone deported from canada and still doing illegal stough (in reply to: Deported from Canada (Departure))
Dear sir or madam,
I know one bad person he has been deport out of canada and he´s still fight right now. he told the lawer that he work and so on but the fact he is not. Also, he´s still trading weed with others. Which number should i call or which email should i write to report him because i don´t think he stay in canada is good for canada at all. thanks for your information.

How to find out what they did to get deported (in reply to: Deported from Canada (Departure))
I know someone that was recently deported to his homeland where I live. We were friends many years ago and even though we communicate now he is very evasive about why he was deported. Don´t need any problems and would like to know if it is possible to find out the reason a person was deported. Please advise of any department or website that would give this information.

For a visit (in reply to: Deported from Canada (Departure))
I was deported from Canada to N. Ireland 17 years ago. I actually went without fighting the case because I was only 20 at the time. I now have a family/home and work steady, in other words, settled down. My question is I only want to come to Canada to see my family mother/father siblings. I have come in the past with no problem, stayed my two weeks and return back. The last time I came I was stopped and had to pay extra, but they did let me and my family in for a visit. I have not seen my mother/father now for four years, what could I do legally to visit with them.
Fergus McCartan
the list of deported persons (in reply to: Deported from Canada (Departure))
hello !
about the deported persons, is there anywhere a list of them, published, in some official ressources ?
I know a person that is subject to deportation, and I want to know if there is some placw to validate their story, or at least to know if the person is deported for real.

Thanks !

Deported from Canada (in reply to: Deported from Canada (Departure))
I was deported from Canada about a year ago or more appropriately; "Denied Entry". I live close to the Border on the US side however, they told me that because I had a misdemeanor assault charge on my criminal record from 2002, they said it was illegal for me to come to Canada for another 6 years or I could apply for a pardon from the CIC for a non-refundable fee and 6 weeks to a year waiting for thier decision. The wierd thing was that despite this conviction, I was allowed to enter 2 times beforehand in 01/2007; the only difference was that I used the Peace Arch Crossing in Blaine,WA instead of the Truck Crossing. It was in 05/2008 that this was brought to my attention. I have no criminal record in Canada and just the assault charge from the US. I attempted to cross at the Truck Customs crossing in Blaine, WA. I was also beside myself to see the lack of professionalism at this crossing. The guards there are racist, intolerant, and brutal. There was this other fellow from El Salvador attempting to cross as well, the Guards bullied him, physically pushing him through the office and making racial comments the whole time. I highly recommend that no one attempt to cross at the truck crossing at Blaine,WA. The officials on the Canadian side are the worst kinds of people who enjoy brutalizing others. They have an extreme anamosity for Americans and anyone else who resides south of their border and enjoy singaling people out for no other reason than to feed their own pathetic inferiority complexes.
(in reply to: Deported from Canada (Departure))
Well bottom line is they can refuse you for any reason they want.
It is not a given that you can just come in because you want to.
You are also flagged in the system now so wait the time or apply for the pardon as they said.

What you are saying occurred with the other person well I have seen and experienced the same thing GOING INTO the US at the Peace Arch. Regardless it is up to that individual to file a complaint and the GREAT thing is it is all on tape so should be easy to confirm.

The thing is they probably ran you finally and it showed up.

deportation (in reply to: Deported from Canada (Departure))
When someone is deported are they banned for life? or can they re-apply to come back or can I sponsor them ?
Deportation Information (in reply to: Deported from Canada (Departure))
Hi, I know someone who came to Canada in 2003 and has numerous run-ins with the law since that time. Once again he is having problems and has most recently been charged with domestic dispute (for the second time). He has been in jail 3 times but for no longer than a couple months at a time. The person does not want to work and it a waste of a paper to be in Canada. What are the chances that he will be deported? Thanks.
emotional abuse (in reply to: Deported from Canada (Departure))
Can someone be deported from Canada because he lied to a woman and used her and married her because she had a landed immigrant status so he could get to Canada and now he is abusing his wife emotionaly and kicking her out of her own apartment?
DEPORTATION (in reply to: Deported from Canada (Departure))
hello, i would like to know the same thing that if someone has come to canada saying the he loves the gril but when he comes here, he is abusing her alot, doesnt let her go anywhere, and accwepted the fact that he has come here to canada, not for her.
so it is a marriage inconveniece and she is not happy at all. everyday she is being abused and she is not allowed to talk to people alot and not allowed to go to school etc.