Roy any chance you can shed some light on this?

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Subject: Roy any chance you can shed some light on this?
  Hi Roy, I hope you are well, the Grey Cup was a bummer, one second Saskatchewan thought they had won the Grey Cup another Montreal got a chance to re kick a missed field goal and they won. I didn´t see it but at least I heard it was a very exciting game. Good for the CFL for sure.

As I mentioned previously we sent our application for CL partners on Sept 17, received Sept 21 and sent to Manila. Manila started processing November 4.

My partner got a phone call from CIC Nov 28, asking her to submit her passport and the passport of her two daughters. Also a CENOMAR??

A Certificate of No Marriage? She is married and has been for 7 years.

We stated we are Common Law, submitted a separation agreement signed by both her and her husband and 4 notarized affidavits validating the date of separation.

Is it possible to get this document? Why would they want it.

We clearly identified the two girls as NON ACCOMPANYING DEPENDENTS and provided a color copy of each of their passports?

We are going to send the passports and a letter explaining the situation and asking if they really need the CENOMAR?

I hate to say this but it really appears who ever is handling this case does not know what they are doing or did not read our application. We spend months putting this thing together so perfectly and so well organized and provided everything they asked for.

Any experience with this kind of thing?

I would sure appreciate your take on this.



Mr Magoo
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Hey Hi Magoo

Nice to see your back on the forum.

This is standard and the letters are standard our client got the same stuff three months ago and then silence. RELAX from what you posted here you will be fine.

Visa Post staff wanted all kinds of original birth certificate, graduation stuff. original proof of money transfers, original phone records. etc because I assume there is a fair bit of bogus documents in that part of the world.


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