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Subject: Autistic
  Hi All,

is there really a chance for a child with autism to get approve for PR. we are applying in manitoba under PNP-general stream. I am an engineer in profession and my wife is a registered nurse. we have a 7 years old boy with austism and an 12 year old normal boy. can somebody tell me a case where a family affected with austism gets approve or rejected. thanks.


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As far as I know, situations such as this are handled on a case by case basis. You will likely have to submit details on your son´s treatment, severity, dependency, etc. As your application progresses, CIC will ask you for any additional information they may need.

Autism covers such a wide spectrum I can´t imagine CIC rejects automatically on that premise.

Good luck.

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thank you very much for your reply. we were hoping that we can be approve.

rgds, rudy

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BTW, we got our file number last week. if we will be lucky and reach the point of having medical assessment, I will not hide anything to the DMP about my son. I hope that we will be given a clear medical assessment
Any progress? how did your son's medical go? (in reply to: Autistic)

Any progress? how did your son´s medical go?

if you do not mind, please, give us update on how your are moving along in your situation, it will be enormously appreciated

I am a Canadian Citizen, we wont to support our friend´s Application for Immigration with Arranged Employment. He will qualify to work for our company and will qualify for Skill Worker program, but he has 7 y.o. autistic son (his wife and older son would qualify with no problems). The boy´s autism is severe.

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We are still waiting for a reply from the embassy. We have not undergoes any medical yet. The last communication from the embassy is for me to submit original copy of my current employment certificate.

Regarding your friend, if he goes first and become PR, he can later on sponsor his family to be with him. In this case the child would be demand exempt. But you need to verify this. This is what I interpret from the research that I made

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