Applicats processed at Canadian visa offices-Accra

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Subject: Applicats processed at Canadian visa offices-Accra
  All applications for permanent residence excluding Federal Skilled Worker applications received after February 26, 2008.

why does it takes the Accra office 78 months to process a simple immigration form.

or is it a deliberate policy to deprive these people from coming to Canada?

it seems nobody is talking about it or interested in talking about it. why?

what are the statistics of applications processed in a day compared to other regions?

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1) 78 months refers to pre 2008 applications
2) new rules have the promise that applicants should have an answer within a year. There are still no statistics to verify how close they are to those targets as the program is too new.
2) Canada accepts 275,000 immigrants a year.It always takes in its full predetermined quota. That quota gets spread across all countries where immigrants wish to apply. Countries with higher demand also get higher quotas.

It does not take 78 months to process an application. The majority of the time taken is waiting for your turn.

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