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Subject: Landing Address in Toronto Canada
  I would be landing with my family in the last week of Jan 2010 and have been informed that I would have to give the authorities an address of the place where i would be staying in Canada.
We do nothave any relatives out there and hence have planned to use the services of the Settlement Service but when i asked them for the address they advised us not the use it as the PR card wouldbe mailed to the address provided by us at the airport within 4-5 weeks.
As we are new to Canada is it not possible that we give the temporary address of the Settlement Services and then have the same altered to our permanent address soonest we have one.
We are quite confused on this topic plz help?

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you can apply for the SIN card when you found a more permanent address OR you can request to pick it up from center which you apply the SIN card.

I told them I´m staying at hotel and still looking for place to rent and they suggest I can come and collect from them about 10 days later.

Hope this helps

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You can ask from the officer CIC tel. and fax number where you will send the address when you find one and then they will send it there. One of my friend did this.
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He is talking about the PR card not the SIN card. Read the post.

It is not a problem. The CBSA officer will give you a form with a fax number. Once you have a permanent address, just fax the form to the office with your address and the PR will be sent to you.

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