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Subject: New POL List
Does anyone have any idea when we can expect the new POL List ?
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Hi Friends,

I had applied in Sep 2007 from london office and got a letter for document submission, please advise:

1) How much time will it take once i will submit my documents and.

2) If I will attach an offer letter from Canadian co. how will it help me or what neccesary steps should be taken before attaching offer to the documents for arramged employement.
at the time of filing application there was no offer letter/ arranged employement.

Thx Sinin

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Dear Sinin,

1 - it all depends on how well your application is prepared, how many other applications being processed at CHC London office. Generally speaking, it is about 3 years.

2 - Offer letter from Canadian co will do nothing good for your processing unless it is approved by HRSDC.

Which country do you reside now?

Good luck!!

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I am I.T.I. holder . I have 7years experience

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