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Subject: Prof of funds
  Hi All,

We (Couple) need to give prof of fund from our home country. In my case we are working outside and we have half money in our homeland account and half in the present country where I work.
1) Is it possible to show proof of funds from two different countries?
2) Can my spouse account be used along with mine to show the proof?
3) Are mutual funds, shares and other life insurance policies counted in prof of funds?

Kindly suggest.
Thanks in Advance.

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1) yes
3)Only shares and investment funds

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This is a good case of using common sense, as Roy likes to say. Think about what information CIC needs and why they need it.

CIC wants to make sure you will be able to sufficiently support yourself and your family as you settle into your new life in Canada. It will likely take awhile to find a job and getting settled is expensive; obviously they need to know that you can pay your own way and not end up on the dole.

Do they care where your money is? No, of course not, only that you have it and that it´s REAL and ACCESSIBLE. Plan now on using what you have while you get settled; you´ll need it. Life insurance isn´t money in the bank; it isn´t REAL. CDs that don´t come into fruition for another 15 years isn´t money in the bank; it isn´t REAL. Your mortgage isn´t real, monies that depend on stock market fluctuations isn´t real. Cash in the bank is real; it doesn´t matter what bank or where the bank is, right?

Make sure you are comfortable meeting the requirements--AND that you understand what the requirements are--and don´t worry so much about the small stuff.

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you are absolutly right wannabecanadian(sorry dont know your good name). i am also struggling with this. i have applied my immigration in year 2007 & got my file no in december 2007.
feb 2008, CIC started thier fast process & i am now eligible in getting the visa in 6-12 months after filing new case but need to show 17000 C$. i am getting confused should i go for a new case or not.
as i am running short funds. if i sell my car & all then i´ll be able to do it.
not sure is it the right time to go canada, i am not sure hows the job market in toronto. i´ll be applying with NOC 0711.
can you or anyone can help me understand the situation.

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