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Subject: Sponsorship - ARC - HELP!!!!!
  Hey all....I really need advise - my history is as follows:

2003: Entered Canada (i was 15) with my parents on refugee bases.

2006: case rejected and so was the appeal.

2006: Hired a lawyer to submit our H&C - he took the money but DID NOTHING - 2 years passed with him telling us that it´s a lengthy process and takes a lot of time

2008: Removal turned into Deportation - As soon as I found out about it I saved up money and left Canada voluntarily on my own - On departure I was issued my Certificate of Departure and also told about having to apply for ARC (AUTHORIZATION TO RETURN TO CANADA) if I ever want to return

2009: Got engaged to my Boyfriend (together since 2004) who is a Canadian citizen in Pakistan

Now we are planning to get married in 2010 - so my questions are as follow:

1.) What are the chances that my ARC or Sponsorship maybe rejected (we have our engagement photos and tons of chat scripts, emails, skype call records)?

2.) How long does the (A) Spouse Sponsorship - (B) ARC take to be approved?

3.) What can we do to make our case stronger?

4.) We might just get our Nikkah (Muslim marriage) done on phone (common for marriages that require immigration paperwork before couple can be together)- will that be a negative point or should my fiance just come down to get the Nikkah done?

Any and all help/advice will be appreciated.


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Look at the Immigration Manuals in OP1 they explain the process a little. ARC´s a more difficult to come by these days.

Here is an article http://www.migrationlaw.com/news.php?category=Weekly+Column&headline=Deportees+lose+important+incentive+to+leave

Okay enough with the negative stuff.

U where not old enough to be responsible for making a refugee claim your parents did that. So in theory an ARC should be granted but........

Just before you leave after being told to go you get engaged. Hmmmmmm

How sweet, how loving, how arranged to circumvent removal!

Everything is viewed by different eyes with their own perspective. People see what they want to see.

Now you have been boyfriend - girlfriend since 2004, prove it. Prove that big time and the right way!

So your getting married by proxy no big deal fairly common and acceptable! When do you plan to consummate the marriage?

If your boyfriend (strange term)having his first marriage who will travel half way around the world to see that? Parents, Brother, Sister friends all unable to attend?

You have so many hills to climb and if it is real relationship I wish you all the best.

ARC approval or denial depends on the visa post case load!


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I agree with you but 2 things - first we got engaged AFTER i left Canada - second we have over 500 mb of chat script from 2006 itself - also over 300 emails till date since the start only on my account so many more on his of course. is there any hope at all or none - ooo we will have a grand wedding but we want to have that after i know that once the marriage officially takes place i can leave with my BF otherwise its pointless to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding after which we will have a year or more of further separation....
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So is the chat from hotmail, yahoo or gmail addresses?

There is nothing to agree or disagree with.

I was trying to point out you have a up hill climb so work extra hard to prove your relationship!!!

The way you view things and the way others view things is nothing more then an interpretation. Unfortunately your view of things count little. You and your partner have to change other peoples views to your view. Get to work.


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Thank you so much Roy - your advice means a lot to me and I will keep everything u have pointed out in mind - plus you have convinced me that we should meet up and get the Marriage registration done together instead of on phone. Thanks Roy!
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