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My family came on Refugee basis to Canada - case rejected - appeal rejected - H&C never filed thanks to lawyer - now we have applied for PRRA or are on Prra (we havent had any sort of an interview or anything for it yet now have we received and info on it)- we have valid Work Permits so we are working. My mother and sister left canada (went back to Pakistan which has bomb blasts once a week regularly) when they found out H&C was not filed on voluntary departure but they were on deportation

Anyways the issue is that i do not want to leave - i have seen no other life other then that of north america - i was 2 when we went to USA and 13 when we entered Canada in i am 20 - I have a canadian gf and a great job. I want to study here but cant as I will have to pay INTERNATIONAL FEES which is unbearable.

My question is how can I get out of this situation and live here peacefully without leaving the country? Should me n my gf get married? Should i ask to employer to sponsor me?

Also is it possible for me to study on local fees despite my status?

I have the same question for my father - he has a great job here but really misses my mom and sister now that we have been apart for a year and our family is really close knitted. Can he get his employer to sponser him or do something of that sort to get a legal status in canada and then call my mother and sister back here?

Please help me!!!!

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