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  good evening,
i am 67 yrs old and only family member left in my country. all my family resides in Canada mother, siblings and kids. since my wife passed away 5 yrs ago iam left alone. my son had sponsered us 7 yrs ago but the visa office has no any decision made for my H&C category, i am alone and i get in to many problems have police record prove for that got mugged, beaten and no grocery to take home since lots of mugers grab grocery off me and take advantage of my old age.

no body is there for me all my family are Canadians. the only thing is that the visa office issued me TRP visa after i had been rejected for 5 times for visitor visa, and my son had to write a letter to the visa office.

I got the forms for H&C but it says cant apply if your status in
temporally residnet permit one of the person in the forum said that
only you cant apply if you have been here for three years?

the problem is only one thing will the visa office back in home transfer my file to Vegrevile for H&C.

because you cant file for H&C on TRP visa is there anything else i can file instead please help me i have only few moths left here in Canada.

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