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Subject: confuzed
  hi i came across a couple who badly doged by a consultant , i guide that couple but they became really confuzed ,

a couple(husband-education Ba regular and wife-education Masters regular with two children)who visited very famous consultant of my city for asking about immigration, that couple has a problem of bank statment and they told that consutant that we have only 5 lac rupees which we can show in statement , that consultant told them that ok ur let ur wife apply saparatly and when she gets visa she can take get visa for all ur family in three months time and all of u can go to canada togather. consultant also told them that we will not charge u till u gets visa and he took 40000 rs from them by saying them that it is equal to 550 CND he send application of wife to sydney and she gets approval , and they were very happy that our work is done. look at her score
education - masters - 22
age - 10
experiance 21
spouse 0
(because she applied alone, by instructions of that consutant)
language 10
total 63

so my questions are

- if she is getting is 63 how can she gets approval from sydney , and what is that approval what is written in that approval????
- if she get immigration visa can she take visa for her other family members before departure????

please post ur comments so that i can guide them properly they were really confuzed after meeting me


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