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Subject: Bringing my Fiance
  I was wondering to get some information; my fiace lives in the carribean and he had overstayed here in Canada for 2-3 yrs and he had to go back home, the judge had told him that he had a few choices he can get sponsor, apply for refuge, or even go back home and come back after one year and he choose to go back home, I do miss him terribly... I am a canadian citizen and do plan to go visit him soon so I was wondering if I do go and visit him and we decide to get marry there would I be able to stay there while the papers are being in process or do I have to come back to Canada and have the papers be in process here in Canada? I would like to know I would like us to both of us to come back to Canada together..
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if you are a citizen you can sponsor him from out of the country but you will need to show that you are intending to return to Canada. Make double sure you have good evidence that your relationship is legit. They will look at the application very carefully in light of his past transgressions.
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Carribean!! Its warm and sunny place. Blue ocean, white sand beaches and good food all year long. just hate the mosquitos.
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