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Subject: Letter from CBSA

My wife received a letter from CBSA informing her that a decision has been rendered regarding her PRRA decision and that she will to go for a interview. I was just wondering what will happen at this interview?

I am a Canadian citizen, we got married after she received her first letter that she has to go for her PRRA interview.


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It does not say it is for her PRRA decision!

Four times in December I went with clients to GTEC with this same letter and four times the clients won on H&C grounds.

The letter refers to your application for protection.

Any logical thinking person would assume it is the PRRA decision.

If it is that and it is negative you have to send her home and re-submit your spousal application outside of Canada.

Hopefully you have copies so call Revenue Canada Monday and request a new Option "C".

Best of Luck!


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Hi Roy,

Thanks for your reply.

We submitted an overseas sponsorship. We are about 3 months into our sponsorship. We have confirmation that the embassy has our application and they are working on it. Could I still request an Option C or an H&C just so that we don´t get split apart?


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It could be good news but probably bad so withdraw, send the partner home and apply for an ARC Read the manuals and here they will assist you to better understand.


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We have already filled out an ARC as well. We did it when we sent our sponsorship application.

So you suggest we withdraw from her refugee protection, wait for the ARC so that she may come back without longer delays?

Just another question- how much time will they give someone when they are at this stage, to prepare for leave after this interview?


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I would wait to send an Arc until they request it in the end of all process (after all visa conditions are completed)

Roy in an older post said that doing that shows that you regret less and not verry truthfull.

my view : expressing regrets and apology while you didn´t leave the country yet , means you will seriously miss your credibility.

-the question that the visa officer will ask is what the client did to fix his past mistake since he regrets.
answer: nothing cause he still fights with a PRRA. and still thinks he was right.

for me : a true apology is an apology that comes with true actions to prouve that you really regret, not only words.

Roy claims that he won many many ARC, i believe him.

i can tell you that i´ve seen 3 Arc wins in less than 6 months (skilled worker category PNP) and the visa post that asked for Arc .

take care

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You should apply to Federal Court (in reply to: Letter from CBSA)
If your wife is being asked to leave and you have proof of genuine relationship, You could apply to Federal Court to override CBSA decision to remove your wife from Canada. If she goes home, it may become even worse for her to return. Since she already attempted obtaining status through refugee, the mentality would be that the marriege may not be genuine. Don´t let her go home.
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I have received a letter to attend for an interview since my decision has been rendered on my prra application. They have asked me to bring my, my husband´s and my son´s all the doccuments issued by the government of canada. My question is if my prra decision is negative what are they going to do with my son´s doccument since hes a canadian citizen. really confused .. pls help...thanks in advance..
am in the same positon please advise me (in reply to: Letter from CBSA)
i recieved aletter cbsa wants to descuss my case that what they wrote in the letter, am on a removal order i have 2 canada born kids and one 8yr old who came into canada she is a refugee claimant . the thing is i was in canada before with drew my claim meaning i waved away the prra , then i came back with my daughter that i hard left behind , tried claiming for refugee status was denied but she was given , my husband is canadian we have a spouse application out side canada going on , am on a removal order as per now , ive put in a motion to reinstate my case with as much evidence as i can
.Qns what are the chances of a case being reinstated ,
2. how will the meeting go am i going to be removed .

# if the case is reinstated will the removal be stayed , i need to work too i dont hve a work permite , no medical coverage .

my third child is 3month with kidney complications

advise me please

PRRA application (in reply to: Letter from CBSA)
hi. i need help in flling out my PRRA application
CBSA interview (in reply to: Letter from CBSA)
Hi I am a failed refuge in April then got denied for judicial review in may, my wife is on a student here she is getting her post graduation permit now after completing her studies and internship. Now the thing is we have a child together now and they are all depending on me coz I work and support them financially, I am a skilled pipe fitter and I can´t do PNP but now the bad thing is I got a letter from CBSA for interview and I have submitted a h&c application. What can I be prepared for? Please help.