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Subject: Fax from CIC, Updated proof of fund
  I wrote a fax 10 days back to CIC Buffalo on their prescribed inquiry form with no hopes that I will get a reply. Today, I got a return fax and they replied back to my inquiry on the same page of form. In my fax I just updated them about the information that I got from Ottawa medical center regarding Medicals finalized in system and e-client not showing this update. In their reply they wrote that got medicals but background checks are still pending. They also wrote that they are waiting for me to provide an updated proof of funds. Surprising in IA that I received in Sept 2004, there was no note of it. Just 2 questions if someone could help me with.

1. Since I am in US now, can I just borrow some money from my friends and do balance transfer from my credit cards to my checking a/c and get a statement that I have $10,000 liquid cash? Later, I will just return that money and hold no obligation to anyone. Does anyone thinks that CIC will call my bank at a later date and try to reconfirm actual balance in my a/c?


2. My second option is to get certified photocopies of Fixed deposits that I have in India and send them with a note indicating international currency conversion rate and equivalent amount in US $. With this option I have to wait for 2 weeks until I get the docs from India.

What´s the best and right approach? I have been waiting Since Dec2003 and want to expedite it fast. One more thing, by "background check is pending?, what do they mean? Are they conducting it or not yet started? I would highly appreciate any suggestions.


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they usually ask for 3 months of bank statements. I would show the original money that you showed on your application
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This is what is going on w.r.t background check. This is stated at CIC website:


What are background checks?

A background check is a normal part of permanent resident visa processing. The procedure is intended to bar the entry into Canada of criminals and security threats.

Background checks are done for all persons aged 18 or over before they receive a permanent resident visa. Documents used in these checks include the following:

the application for permanent residence form;
security, intelligence and criminal conviction records; and
immigration records for persons who have violated immigration legislation.
Background checks may also be done before a visa is issued to a temporary resident applicant, if there is reason to believe that the person may be undesirable or prohibited by immigration law. For visitors from some countries, a waiting period is required for security checks before a temporary resident visa can be issued

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Thanks Sharon and Anonymous. I will send the statement of fixed deposits that I submitted first along with my original application. I understand that I shouldn´t give CIC any reason to reject my PR when I am almost done with the process. Taking short-cut was not a good idea. But one thing I found out that CIC Buffalo do reply back to faxs if we use their Standard inqiury form.
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Hi Aki,
congratulation for your case. What do u mean with their standard inqiry forms?? would u plz points us out to this forms??


Romantic Warrior
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Hi Romantic Warrior,
CIC Buffalo sends 2 different forms along with IA to every candidate.
1. Inquiry form- We have to fill in the blanks and provide our file information. Also write ur return fax number if u want them to reply back in same way. They have provided 5 blank lines in a row where we can print our question. In bottom section of the form some more blank lines for CIC to write their reply.

2. Change of address form- Again just fill in the blanks with ur file info and check a box if u want to change ur mailing address from ur Lawyer to the principal applicant. Of course write your new mailing address.
Hope this answers.

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Background check means you have to obtain ´no objection´ police certificate from your local police department in India. If you are in USA more than 6 months then obtain police certificate from FBI.

Proof of funds:
1. Attach last 3 months bank statements which shows needed funds or
2. Attach copy of fixed deposits equivalent to needed funds

Fax all these along with your CIC form

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If I submit Police certificate from INDIA and FBI certificate, will there be any background check done by CIC?

If all applicants need to go through background check, how long will it take after sending police certificates


Did you send INDIA and FBI certificates to CIC?

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Hi Alm,
I submitted Indian PCC at the time of application. FBI certificate was submitted in Dec 2004 only after they requested for it. One thing, background check and PCC are two different things. Yes, the process of background check starts after they receive FBI doc. Duration of BC depends from person to person. Like in my case I have lived and worked in India, Uzbekistan and US. So it may take a little longer as access to information in Uzbekistan is difficult. Also they might call previous employers to cross verify my work experience. I hope by mid or end of next month, BC should be complete.

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AKI -Thank you for sharing the info.
How long does it take to get FBI certificate? Any way I can expedite it?

I´m waiting for my FBI and INDIA police certificate, hope I get it by end of Feb, 2005. I have 6 months left in my H1 Visa, not sure I can get the approval before my visa expires.

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FBI certificate takes 8-9 weeks. U can call(304)625-5590 to check status of ur FBI.