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Subject: Inadmissibility
Hey anyone know how long you have to wait after a DWI before you can go back. I got a DWI in Canada in ´04 and one in the US in ´05. I heard that it is 5 years but I also heard it was 7 years. My friend is getting Married in August so I need to know whether I should cancel or not?
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There is a VERY high possibility that you will be refused of entry right at the border.

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when you got your DWI in Canada, did an immigration officer attend the police station?
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Thanks guys. It appears the issue for me now is that I have to apply for a written permission to enter from the Canadian consulate. I forgot the name, it was like the authorization of rehabilitation. I apply for it once and if approved it is like it never happenned, as lon as I keep the doc on me, when I cross. I will need to tie up a few loose ends first, so I will have to skip the wedding.

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