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Subject: Mary Pt 3 or is it 4!
  my turn to say wow.

Mary, you have some serious problems that no immigration forum is going to resolve for you. One of them is your refusal to accept answers to questions that YOU asked an opinion about. Don´t ask if you don´t want to hear the answers and then proceed to shit on the messenger. Comparing yourself to others is not how CIC works either so the sooner you change that mindset the sooner you may be on the road to finding a positive solution. verbally attacking people you don´t even know hardly inspires anyone to help you. Your sad, victim story is no longer as sad and innocent as it was 3 days ago.

I will hope that you treat CIC with a little more self control than you do people here that are trying to assist you, and that you follow your lawyers instructions to the letter. As someone mentioned in earlier threads - you are not in the drivers seat on this issue so a contrite posture would be far more advantageous to you perdicament. I hope you take these suggestions to heart.

Good luck with your efforts to stay in Canada.

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get reading.

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Apart from being fat & ugly (as Mary has qualified you according to her odd standards...), you are a very kind person!

If I were you I wouldn´t have provided links. But I guess you can´t help being helpful as usual, even if mistreated by such a rude and immature individual.

God bless you.

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Very well said Sharon.

I on the other hand am a total twat ;)

The thing for me is I read these forums, owned up to my failings and the hired a consultant to handle my being 8years out of status here.

I can not stand people who blame others for their failings.

Also in the case of Mary

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.


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I´m sorry, i didn´t mean to upset anyone, just felt like you were all ganging up on me. i felt bad all day about what i said.

i´m just scared of having to return home with nothing and starting all over again. My dad died last year and going back to uk without him just crushes me, i´m scared of leaving my family life that i have here now. i can´t sleep at night because this is all i have thought about for months. My kids mean everything to me and beacuse of my pethetic theft record they are going to have to suffer and that just crushes me.

i stole a few times because my ex- husband never gave me any money and i had a new born, it isn´t an excuss but i was hoping more than ever that they would just give me one chance, my life is just one battle after another, like most other i guess but i hurts like hell...

i´m sorry for what i said, my hopes of staying were just crushed when everyone kept replying saying that i had no all the time.

i just love my family and i messed up years ago and there nothing i can do to about it!! its runing my future.

i tried everything and i guess this was my last hope to see what the general public would say... and i guess i´m going home by the sounds of it...

i´m sorry for what i said.


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Saying sorry for your comments is a little late - the damage is already done. I would suggest that you have some serious accountability issues to deal with. Blaming life choices on lack of hugs, or picking the wrong guys is cheap. I did not get hugs either but I don´t have your mess in my life. It´s time to grown up, own your decisions and own the consequences of your actions.

Right now, you are out of status, inadmissable, and have sufficient ties to home that there is no impediment to you returning there. (note how many times you have been back to the UK in the last 7 years, regardless of how uncomfortable it was). You have dragged your children back and forth to the UK as well.

From a CIC perspective, you are simply hanging around Canada with your boyfriend and 3 kids - unwilling to go home. You may not like that observation but it is what it is.

Has your partner begun the sponsorship process - if not, why not? If he has not, OUTLAND is the only hope you have because of the appeal option. He also needs to sponsor the children and take legal long term responsibility in the process.

Under ALL circumstances, you are going to need a pardon. That means you need to convince someone that you are a changed person. That process takes about 2 years and is not a guarantee. They don´t really want to hear your sad story, they want to know why they should believe you will never bring upon yourself criminal charges again. There is also mandatory wait periods after the charges and punishment have been executed.

The last 7 or so years of your life have been extremely unstable. Your relationships have been unstable. Unfortunately, there are 3 children (I think I got that right)and several men. Who is to say the saga will not continue. (I am looking through the eyes of CIC).

If you read those manuals there is a FAINT hope which you have already noted in your post under Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds that they would grant you a Temporary permit (it is a ministerial permit) to stay while you attempt to gain a pardon for your criminal charges. FAINT. Without any Sponsorship application underway... there would be very little motivation for CIC to even consider it. If there is no pardon application underway, there is little motivation to consider it.

So, failure to clear up your mess and then attempt to play the kids card as a reason to stay will not likely wash. Saying sorry does not cut it. CIC has heard that one too many times.

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In reply to your message again..... You donít seem to get that I am trying everything possible to be able to stay. I am not eligible to apply for a pardon until 2011 (end). Do you not think that I have already seeked advise and done all of this.

I have 2 children, one who was born in the uk, she is 4 years old, she spent the first 2 1/2 years in the uk, her father is Canadian, he is my first Canadian connection, i wanted to stay in England but he persuaded me to come to his country Canada, (to cut a log story short) he was abusive to me and I decided to leave. I spent 6 years with that him.

I met somebody else in Canada and we have a little 3 months old... both my children are Canadian citizens and one of whom was born in this country. They are not any type of excuse to stay in this country. Itís their country!!!

What your e-mail is suggesting is that i have had and will have many men, you have not right to judge yet again!!!! i have had two serious relationships my whole life one of which unfortunately didn´t work out!

Stop saying grow up, that pisses me off so much you are so bang out of order. I have a normal life and I am totally grown up!

The only problem that i have ever made was 2 years of my life where I made a few mistakes, and that is causing me the problems for my stay in Canada. 2 YEARS GET IT, JUST TWO YEARS...

i am fully aware of any process that needs to be done and i have done everything in my power to do it!!!
i came on this site for a bit of advice to see if anyone knew about temporary permits. OF WHICH I HAD ALREADY SUBMITTED. My immigration officer explained to me that that was the only chance I had!
i have already submitted mine and wanted to know if anyone had any advice about them as i know the cic only have a certain amounts every year to hand out and it has to be an exceptional case! Oh this is not a new question, just in case Sharon you think you need to reply again.
I never presumed my case with the cic was more important than anyone else; I just came on this site for a bit of information about temp permits.

You are constantly telling me cruel things I was NEVER asking for any sympathy.

You keep mentioning that I use my kids as reason to stay, well in a way should this not be the case?, they are Canadian and they should be able to see the dad while growing up, you obviously donít think that.

I am happy to go back to the u.k, my fiancť doesnít want me to and doesnít want to lose his daughter or his job, home life etc ....Why are they not good enough reason to be allowed or WANT to stay.

I will apply for my pardon when I am eligible but until then there is nothing else I can do except stay on a temporary permit, if they send me home it will be 2011 before I can apply and who knows how long it will take, and then I would have to apply to come back which could take up to 5 years altogether. Thatís a lifetime, yea my fiancť would probably come with me but against his will, he wants to stay in Canada and I ONLY EVER TRIED TO ACCOMODATE HIM. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway I will let you all know what immigration says, whether they let me stay and get on with my life and not disrupt my children, or they send me back to England where I have to start all over again.
ĎI amí capable of sorting my life again in u.k but its unfair on my 2 children to have to be disrupted. Whatever happens I canít change the past and the Fact that I stole a few measly things from a shop and to be exact: - nappies and a baby bag as my ex husband spent more money on going out that helping me. Theses court documents were sent to my immigration officer to prove!

Men are never like that at first but I realised what a mean man he was and thatís why I left him, so donít you dare say I am wrong for finding a new love and getting on with my life, providing a father figure for my 4 year that wrong. You started this Sharon with you MEN Comment Ė how dare you imply such a thing!!

This is a waste of time as we will never agree!

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oH YEA I DONT NEED SOME THEFT COMMENT AGAIN, i know it was wrong, i guess i ddnt care anymore as i was abused for so long, i never though it would get better..... and now that it has finally it will be taken a way from me. It was a few mistakes...i dont deserve my family destryed because of it... and iu guess you all presume it will so i better start selling my things and packing my bags.
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Mary, I took an hour of my time today (after you shit all over me) to read all 3 manuals and to re-read your story. The LONG one. I also read your other posts. Why... I have no idea. Perhaps I wanted to give it one last try to help you. There is no issue of agreeing here.

I said in my post that I was looking at your situation from a CIC perspective - no my personal perspective. Based on your own comments:

There are 3+ charges and an out of status scenario to deal with. Correct or not? Excuses are irrelevant. Charges or not?

You have family in the UK - correct or not?

You have been back and forth to the UK several times in the past 7 years.

your first child been moved to the UK previously - correct or not?

Suzi´s father has acted as custodial parent in the past - correct or not?

Has Jim begun to sponsor you - Yes or no? If no, why not?

You cannot apply for a pardon until 2011 - Correct or not?

That means you are asking CIC to let you hang around here until 2013 to see if a pardon will be granted. Correct or not?

According to your statement, your motivation for staying is to accomodate Jim who would come with you to the UK against his will´ Correct or not?

Your relationship is approximately 18 months old and this is the 3rd relationship in 7 years. Correct or not?

These questions are CIC type questions. I am NOT making a moral judgment on your choices, your lifestyle or your conduct. I am telling you what the rules say.

You have proved to CIC that you are prepared to uproot your children - you have done it in the past. You have proved by your actions to CIC that your criminal activity is not just a mistake it is a repeated mistake. Who is to say it won´t happen again. Being out of status proves to CIC that you have very little regard for Canadian law. You have proved that you have ties to the UK.

I suspect CIC will send you home, tell you to get your pardon, and have Jim sponsor you as an outland applicant. Yup, it will probably take 4-5 years to get it all done but sometimes life sucks.

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1) I am not here illegally, my status did run out last year but I sent my visa request off two month prior, I contacted cic and they said that I was allowed to stay in Canada until they had made a decision.

2) I have family in the u.k yes

3) I left u.k once on my ex-husband request but then returned to England as he was an ass with me. I came back one more time and I am still here. So thatís twice I have come to Canada and I am still here.

4) Suzi was born in the u.k and spent 2 Ĺ years there, we went to Quťbec for three months and then back to England. Returning again 8 months later to Canada, after my dad died.

5) I have had sole custody of Suzi since the day she was born, the second time I came back to Canada, 2 months later I left my Ďnowí ex husband and because I didnít have a family home, suzi stayed with her dad for 1 month and then she came back to live with me (it was one month to get myself sorted!) and then she came back with me fulltime. Because she spent that full month with him, they became close and now have a nice relationship.

6) Jim hasnít sponsored me yet because when I originally applied, I decided to renew my visitorís visa again until I had the money to apply for Ďpermanent residencyí! (itís expensive) And then it was declined, they told me at the immigration office to apply for the Ďtemporary resident visaí and that this was all I was eligible for as I had a criminal record. So I did what I was told and completed those forms instead, I donít know if I am eligible to have my fiancť sponsor me or to even fill out the forms if I have a criminal record.

I presumed that if you are not eligible for permanent residency then what would he be sponsoring me for? As I am inadmissible. Correct me if I am wrong, but when you apply for sponsorship you do it with an application pack for permanent residency?

Or could I have submitted and sponsorship applications with my temporary residence permit.
I thought there was only one type on sponsorship and that was the one that came with permanent residency or citizenship application?

Keep in mind I have already submitted my whole case to immigration; I am waiting on their answer right now.

7) I spoke with ĎPardon Canadaí and they said that I could apply in 2011 for a pardon. (I was hoping that they would let me stay until then

8) Pardons Canada said that I was eligible for one! I gave them the details from my criminal record and they said 2011 and it would be granted!!! Thatís what they said!

9) Jim, would come to the u.k..Yes!.

10) My Relationship is 20 months old. I think I waited my whole life for this man, I know what yur thinking its new!! But Iíll spend the rest of my life with this man, I never said that before, I was young when I first got married, I thought I was in love. I spent 5 years with my ex husband and I tried, if you read my letter you will try and understand!, Before I met Jim there was one man that I spent some time with, I found out that he had spent the whole time lying to me, it was 6 months where I thought things were good and then BANG Ė All lies. (My letter states it all).

...........So yea if youíre counting thatís 3 people in 8 years, big deal! I wasnít lucky in love until now! Why I eva stayed with my ex-husband for so long I donít know!! I tried to make it work I guess he was my husband! Iíve had 20 months Ďifí Iím counting!!! Of total love and I never want to miss one day with Jim, I want to spend my whole life with this man, whatever country I donít care, but he does unfortunately, he wants to be where his family are! I only have a small family; I never saw my mum and my dad recently died. I just tried to make him happy thatís all!

11) I never wanted to uproot my first child, I only ever tried to please my ex husband by coming to his country, the first time didnít work out and then he persuaded me to come back to Canada again after my father died, I was so upset that I thought Iíd give it another go for Suzy sake! and it just wouldnít work! My second daughter was born here and she has never known anywhere but here. So Basically Suzy had moved country 3 times. Born in England, then Quťbec, back to England, then back to Canada! Alot in her short life and I just donít want to do it again.. BUT THAT ISNíT UP TO ME

12) My repeated mistake (Theft) was 3 times over a period of about 1 and half years. 2007 to 8.

13) In Canada I have a public drunkenness and cannabis possession (wasnít mine and charge was withdrawn), but I have a breach of undertaking as the police officer told me not to have a drink until court and I did, I had one glass of wine (I didnít go out on a bender to take the piss!!!), I had a glass of wine the night I left my husband and he called the cops on me (he knew I wasnít allowed), it was in my own home, one glass of sodding wine caused that record.

Just want to say that I spent a life time not drinking, I started to drink after my dad died, spent 3 months drinking to take the pain away!!! Thatís why I think I got the bylaw Ď I canít handle my boozeí I stopped drinking the day I left my ex husband , so it was a very short stint in my life, its good I donít like the taste of it!

14) That makes a bylaw and a breach of undertaking. (2) 2011 allocated for pardon Ė confirmed!!

15) I see what youíre saying and that youíre doing it as a cic perspective, I just wanted to stay and carry on with my life thatís all. If cic have to figure it out, canít they see it was 2 bad years in my whole life and give me a chance!!! Iím just human. Yea I have a temper and I said some mean things but you kept telling me to grow up etc and I am grown up!!!

Look sorry I just wanted to stay in my home that I have with my family and not move half way across the world again Ė that all, if that makes me a bad person then I have no hope.

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how can CIC over rule an application that has never been submitted? A temporary visitors visa is a temporary visitors visa. It always has an end with a plane ticket attached.

Do you think CIC will continue extending your visitors visa until 2013 and then hope Jim will apply to sponsor? That strategy does not seem reasonable especially when he has made no attempt to do so to date.

You really want to avoid any consideration of an inland family class sponsorship. There is no appeal process if you are denied. Technically you can count on being denied. You need a provision for an appeal unless that pardon is in your hot little hands.

Asking and assuming CIC will wait until 2013 for a final decision on a pardon is a bit of a stretch.

what legal advice have you received? Whatever you are going to be doing- it is going to be expensive. You need a lawyer with immigration experience or a very, very good consultant.

Do not attempt to do this on your own.