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  Dear Sir/Madam,
I have made FEE DD (Demand Draft) in favour of "The Receiver General For Canada" inspite of "Receiver General for Canada".Sir,Please tell me should i submit my immigration document with this draft or First, should i go for change of fee DD after that i should go for submission of immigation documents.Sir, its humble request to you that give me solutions for the same so that i submit my documents as early as possible.
Dharam Pal

Dharam Pal
(in reply to: DD Information)
Hi Dharam Pal,

You can submit with the existing DD no need to change.

Best Luck

Dear All (in reply to: DD Information)
can you advice me i have same problem i dont have any bank account, can i get a demand draft to pay TO THE RECIEVER GENERAL OF CANADA?


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