Re-issuing a birth certificate for adopted child

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Subject: Re-issuing a birth certificate for adopted child
  We adopted our daughter over a year ago from China. While we received a nortarial birh certificate in China for our daughter, we were wondering if another Birth Certificate could be issued for her from our Provincial Vital Statistics Office. The reason being is that we are not keen on having one line included in her birth certificate " daughter´s birth place and biological parents are unidentified". Also, it would be a lot easier to obtain a BC from our province vital statistics whenever needed rather than having to request from China. As birth certificates are used for various reasons over a lifetime, we would like for her to have one issued here from our Province, that does not include the unknown birthplace and bio parents. This is personal information that a non-government/immigration organization does not need to really know such as a school or a sport´s organization or a church (if she were to get married). We already have notarized certificates of abandonment and adoption which are sufficient to indicate our daughter´s unknown past. Is there such a thing as a "Certificate of Foreign Birth" that could be issued by our Province? I know people from the United States do re-adopt their children from China and have a new Birth Certificate reissued from their particular State.
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Nope not in Canada, you won´t be able to get it from the BC government. The reason being is that she was not born in Canada.

You have to use her notirized document of her Certificate of Canadian Citizenship.

Re-issuing a birth certificate for adopted child (in reply to: Re-issuing a birth certificate for adopted child)
Thanks for quick reply DocD. My question was also about readoption of our child as well as is sometimes done in the USA. However, unlike the US, we recognize IAs here in Canada. It would be for the purposes of facilitating the issuance of a birth certificate following a "readoption". Any feedback about people doing readoption of IA children in Canada? With readoption, I believe a new birth certificate could be issued as they do in the US?
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