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Subject: Welcome to Vancouver (non immigration post)
  stop! if you only want to read immigration posts - read no further.

We are just over 24 hours away from the official lighting of the Olympic flame in Vancouver. All the politics asside about whether the Olympic movement is one great big money grab or a monolithic waste of taxpayers money, I can tell you that there is something magical about to happen.

Cranky, complaining Vancouverites are stepping back and appreciating what everyone else already seems to know - we have a beautiful city... even in the rain. More important, we are seeing a genuine swell of pride for the country we call home and our accomplishments as a society. Thousands of people are wearing red, and many more thousands are standing out in the rain to cheer for a stick with some fire on the end. It is an amazing chance to honour the big and small heros of our community. Tonight a community flame will be handed of by Micheal Buble - world class entertainer that is a Vancouver boy to a man that spent part of his life living on the street. That man has tranformed our city through a recycling program that has allowed people living on the street to earn legitimate income and retain some independence and self respect. He will never earn a Grammy or the Order of Canada but he is a hero none the less to many that know him and know of his work.

I have never seen so many Canadian flags in my life. Not even on Canada day. We are an odd bunch. We don´t generally wear our national pride on our sleeves like the Americans or the Italians. We tend to be a little more subdued. Not this week. I have seen every nationality of citizen beaming about the country they now call home, what it provides us, what it allows us. It is a pretty great feeling and the Games have not even started yet.

There are a bunch of kids out there waiting to do their best and take on the world. Some will succeed and others will not. It really does not matter (OK, hockey may be a harder loss to deal with).

If you have opportunity, there will no doubt be coverage in some form of the Olympics over the next 17 days. Friday evening 6pm PST is the opening ceremonies. You can even see things online at CTV.ca. Have a look and get a sense of why I am so proud of where I live.

Go Canada Go.

ps...Roy... a little snow on Cypress last night but it is also raining so who knows. they say the field of play is ready.

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Hey we got a little to between 2-3 centimeters.

I have my OTA HD set already to see the wonders of this and will be looking for the Californian Governor running his 300 meters with the torch tonight.


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That was gret Sharon!

Lily from Long Ago (Abu Dhabi)
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The torch is winding its way through the streets of Vancouver yesterday and today - in spite of the grey skies. I can´t stop crying.

CTV is running non-stop coverage all day today that you can likely catch online. I am not sure how I will drag myself away from the TV.

The hangover from this next 17 days will be enormous. What will we look forward to, complain about, argue about.

It is a proud day for Canada.

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Most of us here are watching with fascination and awe. It´s a proud moment and time for you, your city, and Canada.
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fdf, you seem to have a rant that repeats itself whether it is on topic or not. In this case, you are responding to a post that is over a year old and buried in the archives. Life is far too short to be so angry all the time.

I am not even sure what you are talking about.

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