Roy / Sharon // DocD please advise .... please

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Subject: Roy / Sharon // DocD please advise .... please
  hi Roy / Sharon / DOcD

as you know in earlier posts i mentioned i applied feb 09 m... medicals aug 09 .... i recieved Passport request on 14th JAN 2010 , and had to hold it to add my new born child..... just yesterday i dispatched my new babys documents , they havent reached CHC london yet ..... and today i got an e-mail from them for an interview call at abu-dhabi.... letter dated 11th feb..... interview after PPR ....

pls i am devastated ..... what happened ... why HuhHuh
please help it bad .....
pls reply ....

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Go to the interview and find out. If you have been telling the truth and nothing but the truth, there is nothing to worry about.

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