Getting married in or outside of Canada.need help

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Subject: Getting married in or outside of Canada.need help

I have a couple of questions concerning marriage and spousal sponsorship
Can somebody help me this issue?
I am gonna start from the beginning for a better understanding of the situation.

We are a couple.
She is a 25 year old Canadian citizen (Quebecois) with steady secure job
with more than 25 dollars per hour.I am a 22 year old European citizen from the country which does not need visa for visiting as tourist (just a passport and convincing the officer on the port of entry that i will be out after maximum of 6 months visit expires).We met almost three years ago and fell in love with each other.Since that time she visited me 5 times and lived with me in my country for 3 months all together during 2007-2008.

In 2009 I decided to come to Canada as a tourist and I stayed there for 4 months studying English and french cause our goal was to live together and I wanted to apply to university in Montreal (Quebec,Canada). I had some finance problems and I couldn´t afford to apply to university which was already too expansive cause I was ranked as foreign student who needs a study permit to study and university fees for foreign students were really big so I didn´t apply.I came back home to my country and worked for 20 days and due to our separation and it was very hard I decided at the end of 2009 to return to Canada again on the 6 months tourist visa to study more English and French and to a present day I am in Canada now,it is 11.02.2010 and I have exacly one month left before my visitor (tourist) visa of 6 months expires.

What I am concerned about is following:

We are engaged and we want to get married but we are not sure what would be the right choice to chose.
Canadian immigration offers two kinds of application for a spousal sponsorship,inland and outside Canada.

1.)So my first question is should we get married here while I am still in Canada and can my fiance sponsor me while i am on the tourist visa?

This question provokes other three questions:

2)If I apply for spousal sponsorship and permanent residence inland,inside of Canada ,What is happening when I need to leave because my tourist visa expires in one month?

3.)Can I stay more (over stay illegally while my application for sponsorship is in the process)?

4.)Can I apply or demand a possibility to work or study or even extend my stay because of the marriage inside Canada and application process?

and final question for inland spousal sponsorship application is how long would it take usually for process to be finished?
On the Canadian immigration web page says 12-18 months for inland applications,is there any way to speed it up?I mean to "first stage of approval"?How does it work?

This was concerning inland sponsorship.

I have also other possibility.


The other possibility is for us to fly to my country together when my tourist visa expires in one month (beginning of March) and to get married there.
This also has a few problems.

I wanted to go back to my country with my girlfriend and marry her in my hometown in March.She would take vacation brake from her work 10 days what she has maximum and come with me to my country.
We taught about getting married and then she returns to Canada immediately and the we start a spousal sponsorship for marriage outside Canada and I read a lot on the net,many people say it is much more easier.

So we would do the application while I am in my home country and she is in Canada.

My first question is :

1.)Can I come to Canada on a tourist visa after we submit the application for spousal sponsorship outside Canada?I mean can I come to Canada with a tourist reason again but waiting for a permanent residence?

I was thinking about taking again 6 months language course from april to september 2010 like I did before in 2009 just this time I would be already in the proces of spousal sponsorship an application for a permanent residence.

Another questions arise:

2.)What should I say when I come on the port of entry in April and demand a tourist visa?

3.)Can I say that she is my girlfried?(they probably know everithing)

4.)Can I be honest and say that I came to Canada because we want to live together while our process is being finished (it should not take more than 6 months judging by experiances I have heard of).and that I want to intergrate and learn French and English (I already speak and write french fluently and english to but I am not exelent jet so that could be a good reason for better intergration).

On the internet I have found many different data and information on this issue that vary because of the little differences in other peopels situations.
Which was not enlightning and satisfying so I decided to post and ask question which are bothering me.

Thank you very much for your time and patiance for reading and understanding my problem.

Any kind of insights,advices and helps are welcome.
And if somebody has experiance and will to answer my questions
I would really appreciated it.


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1. Yes
2. You extend
3. Yes
4. Can not demand and not legally work until approved in principle in a minimum of 5 months.

A1 Yes in theory
A2 The truth
A3 Yes if your not married it would be the truth.
A4 No because then you would not be a visitor.

Now depending on your country it should be faster to apply from your own Visa Post if you have lots of evidence to prove your relationship.

Outside of Canada applications are faster especially if your sent for an interview In Canada and she resides in a major centre it could easily take three years and during that time you can not leave.

Inside Canada applications are not appealable.


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Hello Roy,

Thank you for answering,it is been helpful

one more thing :)

The thing I dont understand is can I come here in Canada as tourist after we get married in my country and ask for a tourist visa and taking some more French and English courses or they will be suspicious ´cause on the computer of the immigration officer will be written that I visited two times already and that I am married with canadian citizen and that I am still waiting for process of spousal sponsorship to finish.

Could that be a problem on the border despite my intentions for fisiting Canada are strickly tourist in the nature but I just want to be with my girlfriend until process of spousal sponsorship outside Canada is finished.

Sorry for repeating so much but I want to stay clear when I write cause there is so much of the different information.


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You arrive at the airport with a visitor visa and the first question your asked is purpose for visiting Canada today.

"I am married to a Canadian and I want to live with her".

Q Do you have a Permanent Resident Visa?
Q Would you mind going in there?

or welcome to Canada could be the answer but more likely the stuff above


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Good day to you.

Please give me important information we need and guidance on what to do best.

I have a boyfriend in Canada but we haven´t meet yet personally. He plan to visit me here in the Philippines by April this year to be able for us to get to know more and to meet my family personally. He plan to bring me too to his country.

Here are both our concerns:
1. What are the necessary papers/documents that he will need to be able to travel to Philippines?.
2. What are the necessary papers and documents that i will need too to be able to travel to Canada?
2. What is the best way for him to do to be able to bring me to his country, at the least or shorter time?
3. If we marry here in the Philippines. Will it help our visa application done faster and be approved easier? What about marrying in Canada?
4 What kind of visa do i need to apply that will be easier and faster for us? and how long will it takes to get an interview from a Canadian embassy? How long will i wait to get the visa? Can i travel right away as soon as i have my visa?

I hope you will answer all our queries and concerns. Hope to hear from you.

Thank you do much.

Marylou D.

Marylou D.
Spouse Sponsorship Outside Canada Class (in reply to: Getting married in or outside of Canada.need help)

I would extremely appreciate if you could get back to me on this one please.

I went to Canada in October 2009 to visit my girlfriend and at the border i was granted stay for 6 months. When i was in Toronto my girlfriend and i got married and we made an application for PR and Work Permit in Canada family class-spouse. After we sent our application we thought the process is very lengthy and it could take very long and i wouldn´t not be able to work and leave Canada. Therefore we decided to cancel the application from Inside Canada and apply from London England.

Now i am back in England i left Toronto on 1st April and my stay was until 5th April 2010. We are going to write a letter to cancel the application in Canada and i am going to apply for the sponsorship from here in UK.

Could you please advise me on this matter.

1- Would it be ok for us to cancel the application from Inside Canada and apply from UK

2- Would it be faster and how long would it roughly take for the sponsorship and PR application to be finalized in UK.

3- Would they penalize me for getting married to my wife whilst on a tourist visa.

4- Lastly i am a Pakistani National and i am on a Post Study Work Permit in UK. My PSW permit expires in 26th Sept 2010, therefore should i still apply from UK.?

Many thanks

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im bebeiang merry im a permanent residence here in canada i have a boyfriend working in australia he has work permit. ,its is ok if i will go to australia to mary him . and how many month to sponsor him coming here in canada
bebiang merry tobes
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hello my question is quick....Im canadian, my fiance is a british citizen but has lived here since he was four. we are going to england in two weeks to get married. will it be legal and do i need anything liek paper work and if so where do i get it?
thankyou awaiting your answers

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i got married to an NRI of canada he has canadina citizenship .we got married on 7 feb2010 and he applied my visa application on 13 may 2010. till knwo i havent get my visa i need to knwo much more time it will take by them to send me visa ,
plz answer this question

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We are from Ontario and plan to marry in Antigua in March 2011. Once married is there a requirement to register or do something in Canada upon our return?

Thank You


Ken Sanford
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